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Retain the Services of an Expert Dublin Slip and Fall Lawyer

Any personal injury case of this nature is often confusing for a victim. Considering falls are quite common, there may be confusion surrounding whether the phenomenon warrants a personal injury claim.

The defending insurance company may further exacerbate that doubt by implying that the injuries sustained are not as severe as they are being made to seem. All this could be happening while you're suffering from an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury.

That's why victims are encouraged to contact law firms as soon as possible following one of these accidents. Things would be much cleared if there were a car accident, motorcycle accident, etc.

Nevertheless, an experienced premises liability attorney can provide the legal representation needed to ensure that the insurance company honors your claim for your medical bills and whatever other financial compensation is required.

If you want to maximize the chances of a successful outcome, your best course of action is to reach out to a reputable personal injury law firm that can provide you with an expert attorney. The Keating Firm LTD. is the perfect firm in this regard. Simply contact (866) 836-4878 to schedule a free case evaluation.

How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Establish Fault

How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Establish Fault

For your case to even be seen as valid enough for fair compensation to be awarded, your personal injury lawyer must possess the skillset and information necessary to accurately establish the lines of responsibility for the accident.

In this kind of personal injury lawsuit, it means that the premises owner would need to be identified as negligent. Furthermore, the said negligence must be logically linked to whatever serious injuries you may have incurred.

The legal services your personal injury lawyer provides include an extensive investigation into the crime scene to get a feel for how exactly the accident occurred.

Following this, there's a clear discussion with you to help you understand the plan of action and how strong your case looks. Apart from the more obvious elements, the investigation aims to establish if any legal violations are present in the property's design, if poor maintenance is at play, etc. The point of this exercise is to ensure that your best interest is represented and that your legal position is as strong as possible.

Typical Causes of a These Injuries

Personal injury attorneys tend to look for any preventable elements that lead to your need to seek compensation after experiencing potentially catastrophic injuries. Some of the ways someone else's negligence can lead to an accident of this type include:

  • Inadequate property maintenance

  • Lack of proper notices or signs where areas of danger may be present

  • Failure to get rid of obstructions that may be present on the property

  • Lack of attention given to mitigating safety hazards present on the property

Personal injury cases resulting from falling often revolve around these or other straightforward factors, which help to determine what a fair settlement may look like.

Actions to Take Following the Occurrence

After you've had an accident that leads to you falling because of external negligence, the next decisions you take play heavily into the extent to which you can be compensated later.

The items below aim to provide a guideline of the necessary actions to take. It can be an unnerving time and one that may be characterized by pain and suffering. However, you want to secure your future as best as possible.

Seek Medical Attention

Legal issues are essential and while you should look to get a free consultation from a Dublin personal injury attorney as soon as you can, taking care of your health must always remain your top priority.

Medical treatment helps to ensure you remain in as good health as possible. Additionally, it provides a bargaining chip in negotiating a payout since the medical expenses are meant to be covered by the negligent party.

Your slip and fall attorney in Columbus Ohio should be able to access your medical records on your behalf, which further help to solidify your position.

Collect the Relevant Evidence

Apart from the medical bills, you need to have enough other pieces of evidence that the injury you suffered on someone else's property was not partially or fully because of your mistakes.

An experienced Dublin personal injury attorney is well acclimated and can assist you to gather the required case items. Typically, the lawyer has a roadmap that is meant to ensure that your case is sound.

A big part of that is acquiring all the documented and non-documented forms of evidence possible. For example, eyewitness accounts may form a big part of your strategy. However, your attorney may wish to qualify witnesses before they are asked to provide testimonies to defend you.

Sometimes, even people who saw you get injured are not fit to testify or are not able to adequately articulate the relevant details that would help put you in an advantageous position.

File a Police Report

This is yet another valuable insight source for a law office. It represents an official report provided to an objective party who is licensed to perform law enforcement.

While it's not enough to definitively state what took place, it can be a big part of the evidence compilation strategy.

Therefore, it stands to reason that even before you call a law firm to get a free consultation for your personal injury case, you should make a police report. In a car accident case, police are often called to the scene, which makes the provision of statements more convenient.

When you slip, this is not necessarily the case and highly depends on other factors in the situation. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to visit the station as soon as you can.

Call Your Personal Injury Attorney

This is where you now reach out to your personal injury attorney. Typically, anything beyond the guidelines provided above is unnecessary. Some actions and phone calls should be avoided.

For example, though these cases are often not straightforward, some occurrences that lead to an accident are clearer, which makes an insurance company realize that the party it represents is undoubtedly to blame.

When this happens, you may find that the firm reaches out to you with questions and may even offer you a settlement. You must decline to comment without your lawyer present. Communicate this stance even if you are yet to even start your free consultation.

Your attorney is meant to help by providing a professional assessment of the matter and determining what the next steps may look like to ensure the best possible result. Even outside of the insurance company, it's generally good practice to avoid commenting on your state of wellbeing or lack thereof, as certain statements can present a challenge for your getting compensation later on.

What to Factor in When Choosing from the Crop of Dublin Personal Injury Lawyers

What to Factor in When Choosing from the Crop of Dublin Personal Injury Lawyers

Whether you've spent a small fortune after being in the emergency room, lost wages, or even had a personal injury incident result in the wrongful death of a family member, you can't have just any lawyer defend your position.

You need one with a proven track record of success in a relevant practice area. Even practice areas that bear some relevance to your case are desirable. It takes experience and familiarity with this lawsuit type to craft strategies that result in the ability to get fair compensation including all applicable economic and non-economic damages.

Typically, top-tier attorneys tend to have reviews from previous clients that can give you a preview of what to expect from the law office.

Try to ascertain what to expect where an action plan is concerned. A part of getting a free case evaluation is finding out how an attorney intends to fight on your behalf. This also comes with an indication of how strong your case looks.

An attorney in Dublin that can give clients that kind of professional information as a confident first step tends to be one that you can trust to work diligently on getting you the compensation you deserve.

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Slipping and falling, while simple sounding, can lead to unfortunate circumstances, including broken bones, a need for consistent medical care, loss of income, and an impact on your mental well-being.

Provided that the phenomenon occurred because of negligence on the part of someone else, you may be entitled to a settlement. However, obtaining that payout requires the help of an attorney who is adept at dealing with these kinds of situations, whether they are settled before getting to court or not.

In that case, you need The Keating Firm LTD. on your side. The team of highly experienced accident claim lawyers has dealt with these kinds of injuries on many occasions, which means it can help you to file and successfully defend your claim.

You need an unmistakable amount of tenacity in handling your case. While you want an attorney who is calculated and deliberate, having one who is willing to aggressively defend you is also highly desirable.

The process begins with a free case evaluation to help you know where you stand and what your options may look like. Call (866) 836-4878 today and let the best Dublin, OH has to offer work for you!


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