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Get a Dublin Dog Bite Lawyer to Help with Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can be a terrible incident that can lead to serious injuries. When someone has sustained a dog bite, they may be entitled to compensation. However, a dog bite claim can be confusing and time-sensitive, so it is best to hire a dog bite attorney that will assist in this matter. Also, they know exactly what the victim is entitled to.

Right now, victims can contact Keating Firm Law for a free consultation so that they can get a free case evaluation.

Is the Dog's Owner Responsible for the Dog Bite?

Is the Dog's Owner Responsible for the Dog Bite?

The simple answer to this question is yes, the dog's owner is responsible for the dog bite. If the owner was careless when managing their dog which is vicious or dangerous, then this negligent behavior can be held accountable.

Many times, animal attack injuries happen when the owner does not keep their dog on a leash and allows them to roam freely. Dog owners are almost always held liable for dog bites when dog bite injuries occur.

Victims may be able to file a personal injury claim for compensation. They will need to show that:

  1. The dog was required to be on a leash

  2. The dog was not on the leash

In Dublin, it is stated in the city ordinances that a dog's owner has a duty to make sure their dog is either behind a fence, restrained with a leash, or held by the owner if the owner cannot keep the dog under control when away from the property, the owner will be deemed negligent.

However, to make sure that this claim goes in smoothly, it is best to call a Dublin dog bite lawyer to help because they will better understand the law regarding dog bites.

What Injuries Could Be Sustained After a Dog Bite?

A few different common injuries happen after a dog bit someone. If the victim has sustained any of these injuries, then they need to make sure they have seen the proper medical professional and get in contact with a law firm about their case:

  • Facial Injuries: Many victims have had scarring on their faces after a dog attack. These injuries can leave someone unable to speak, see, or eat.

  • Eye Injuries: When it comes to eye trauma, people may lose part of their eyesight or the entire thing. Also, dogs are very strong and can puncture when they attack - which will cause permanent and lasting damage.

  • Lacerations: Lacerations are the most common when it comes to dog bite injuries because of their teeth and claws. These injuries can lead to infection if left open and not properly taken care of.

  • Infections: People can contract infections after being attacked by a dog because of the common germs and diseases found in a dog's bite. Victims can get Pasteurella, tetanus, or rabies after a dog attack.

  • Broken Bones: Since dogs can be a lot heavier than a person, they can easily break bones if they jump on someone.

What Can a Victim Claim?

There are many different things that a victim can claim when they have the correct dog bite attorneys by their side.

Medical Expenses

Any dog-related injuries can result in severe damage. Many victims will need to seek medical attention after they have received a dog bite, which means they will need to keep track of:

  • Any doctor bills

  • All hospital stays

  • If surgery is required

  • Physical therapy

  • Prescription medication

All of this information needs to be written down and kept in a safe place. This will make up the most significant portion of the claim, but the personal injury attorneys will need this information to give to the insurance company when they need to payout.

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment can also be recovered because, after a dog attack, people can be traumatized by the dog bite. This is incredibly common in these cases because being attacked by a dog can be as severe as car accidents. Also, many mental health treatments can be long-term, so the victim deserves to get the money for their treatment.

This also falls under pain and suffering, but this is harder to prove without an experienced lawyer there to help. However, it is not impossible to do. Any emotional distress that the victim feels because of the attack can be put under this category.

If the victim needs mental health treatment, then the personal injury lawyer will be able to negotiate that into the settlement as well.

Lost Wages

There are many reasons why the victim may not be able to return to work after the dog attack. When they cannot go to work, this will go down as 'lost wages,' which means they need to be added to the claim.

The victim will need to explain how much they were making before compared to how much money they have lost due to the serious injury that the dog left. This is where a dog bite lawyer comes in handy because they can figure all of this information out, so the victim can begin to recover from their injuries.

Loss of Enjoyment

Many victims are a part of activities that make them happy and enjoy life. However, if the injuries sustained by the dog bite stop the person from doing these activities, this can also be a form of compensation. However, this is another form of compensation that can be difficult to prove without reasonable evidence.

What Is the Difference Between Vicious Dogs and Dangerous Dogs?

There are two classifications that Columbus dog bite lawyers will be able to use when it comes to the dog and the victim's claim.

Dangerous Dogs

A dangerous dog is a dog that has chased someone without any provocation. The dog has done this in a menacing fashion and attempted or succeeded in biting a person while it is off the owner's property. Also, the dog was not being reasonably controlled by the owner or was not physically restrained by means of a fence, leash, or another enclosed area.

Vicious Dogs

When a dog has killed or caused serious injury to a person with provocation, it will be classed as a vicious dog. Also, if they kill another dog, they are still labeled a vicious dog.

What Is the Legal Responsibility of the Owner?

Any dangerous or vicious dogs need to be confined in a space where they cannot get to another dog or person. Another way that these dogs can be kept under control is by tying them with a leash or rope, so they are somewhat restrained. However, they are allowed to be taken off of a leash if they are hunting and are accompanied by the owner or handler.

Otherwise, a vicious or dangerous dog needs to be kept on a chain-link leash when they are off of their premise. Also, the leash cannot be more than six feet long. The leash needs to be controlled by someone of an appropriate age. If the person needs to let go of the leash, it needs to be tied to a stationary object that will not move.

Also, many dog owners that are classed as dangerous can put a muzzle on their dog. However, this is up to the owner and not the state. The owner must also have liability insurance that provides at least $100,000 worth of damages the dog has caused.

Dog Bite Liability

To establish liability in Ohio, there is a dog bite statute under Ohio Revised Code Section 955.28. This code shows who can be held liable for a dog bite. In Dublin, OH, the victim may always be entitled to compensation because the law is very focused on liability.

However, the owner will still need to be held accountable for the dog's actions. Victims need to make sure that they:

  • Did not tease or torment the dog before the bite occurred.

  • The victim must not have been trespassing or about to partake in any criminal activity.

  • All of the injuries happened because of the dog bite.

Another way to receive compensation is by proving that the owner was negligent. In these cases, it needs to be proven that the owner failed to act according to their animal, which is why the injuries happened. However, every victim should know that the owner may still try to say that the victim is at fault.

How Will a Dog Bite Attorney Help?

All dog bite attorneys will be able to help in many ways because they are familiar with dog bite cases. Some of the ways they can help are:

Prepare a Strong Dog Bite Case

In many dog bite cases, the defendants' lawyers will try to claim that the victim was the reason for the bite. They may say things like:

  • The dog owner may claim that the victim was teasing or tormenting their dog, which will try to sway the court in the defendant's favor.

  • A dog owner may say that the victim was trying to trespass or was going to commit a crime, which is why the dog bite took place.

  • It is also common for the dog owner to say that they have no common knowledge about their dog ever being aggressive or biting someone else.

However, when a victim has a dog bite lawyer on their team, then they can counter-argue these points on the victim's behalf. This is because they will find evidence like:

  • Video recordings

  • Eyewitness statements

  • Any records of the dog biting someone else previously

Negotiate with the Dog Owner's Insurance Company

Some dog owners will settle outside of court, but this can only be done with the insurance company. Whenever anyone ever deals with an insurance company, they must have a dog bite lawyer present because then, they are less likely to be swindled out of the compensation they deserve. This is because the dog bite lawyer will inform the victim on:

  • What they should or should not say to the insurance company

  • They will be able to identify if the insurance company is not being genuine

  • The dog bite lawyer will work as the victim's representative

Keep Track of the Deadline

Just like with all claims, there is a timeframe that the victim and their lawyer need to be aware of. When it comes to a dog bite claim, the victim will have around two years from the date of the bite to file their lawsuit. This can fly by when someone is trying to heal from their injuries, but the right law firm will keep all of this in mind.

Teams like the Keating Firm Law will ensure that the case is being prepared as soon as it comes through the door. This is how the lawsuit will be filed on time, and the victim will not lose out on their compensation.

Why Choose Keating Firm Law?

Why Choose Keating Firm Law?

There are many reasons people choose Keating Firm Law for their dog bite cases. The team is made up of knowledgeable, experienced, and established lawyers who are always ready to help anyone who comes in through the door. Every person will receive a free legal consultation, so they can sit down and explain what has happened to them.

Also, the team understands that this is a scary and stressful time for the victim and wants to make sure that they can get the proper support and help they need. With many years of experience, every victim will have the team they need to get the results they deserve.

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After a dog bite has occurred, every victim must get looked at by a medical professional before calling for a free consultation at Keating Firm Law. This is because the victim's safety and well-being need to take priority. Afterward, the team will take care of any legal matters that need to be dealt with, so the victim can focus on healing and getting back to their normal life.

Anyone who has questions about the free consultation should call (866) 836-4878 today.


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