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Dublin Bicycle Accident Lawyer | What Can You Expect from Them?

Recently, Dublin has seen a massive increase in the number of cyclists. While this upsurge in cycling is welcoming in many ways, it has resulted in an unfortunate downside as well. This increase in the number of cyclists on Dublin's streets has brought about a corresponding increase in the number of bicycle accidents, thus, meaning bicycle accident claims are being lodged in far greater numbers than ever seen before.

Those who happen to be cyclists and have recently suffered injuries at the accountability of another party may be entitled to put forward a bicycle accident claim. Legal help regarding the course of action one should take and its likely outcome can be obtained from bicycle accident lawyers. These lawyers possess the necessary skills and extensive experience to handle bike accident claims in or around Dublin, OH.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers at "The Keating" Firm Can Help

Bicycle Accident Lawyers at "The Keating" Firm Can Help

At Keating Law Firm, there is a mutual understanding between the firm's personal injury lawyers and its clients that those faced with a sudden legal matter deserve justice for the injuries and trouble that they incurred as a result of an event not caused by them.

A bicycle accident attorney can be trusted to provide their clients with the best legal advice and to ensure that only the top settlement is granted for the bicycle accident injuries that were incurred as a result of a bicycle accident.

Keating Law Firm can be contacted as soon as possible, either via its online website or by phone number on (886) 836-4878. Once an individual has managed to get in touch with an attorney, they will be offered a free case evaluation. This is where any questions and legal needs that a person may have will be met to the best of the attorney's ability.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

There are many injuries that people suffer from when involved in a bicycle crash. The extent to which these injuries are sustained by a victim is reflected by the impact of the collision.

Listed below are common bicycle accident injuries that occur:

  • Head injuries, such as a concussion

  • Neck and back injuries, which include whiplash and a spinal cord injury, as well as ligament and disc injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Burn injuries

  • Partial or complete paralysis

  • Organ Damage

  • Severe bruising

Who Can a Victim Claim Against?

A person who has been injured by another road user, in most cases a motorist, in a road traffic collision can bring a claim against that road user. These types of claims are normally what constitutes the majority of bike claims that arise in Dublin, OH.

However, bike accident claims in Dublin can also be brought against the local authority, other property owners, contractors carrying out roadworks, and others. In such cases, liability can be said to have arisen if the injury was a result of road defects, such as cycling on poor road surfaces and other hazardous conditions in circumstances where a bicyclist is owed a duty of care.

In all bike accident claims handled by Keating Law Firm, a bicycle accident attorney will advise exactly on who the claim should be brought against and other specific parties likely to become relevant to the defendant, such as their insurance company.

Making a Claim When the Party Responsible Is Unknown

Motorists that have gone on unaware or aware that there has been an incident where a cyclist has been injured normally result in circumstances where there is no identified negligent party. This leaves injured cyclists questioning whether or not they are even able to pursue a claim considering there is no one traceable to blame. The simple answer is yes.

Subject to the circumstances of these bicycle accidents, a person may be entitled to pursue financial compensation from their own auto policy. A bicycle accident lawyer can help in regard to this.

Making a Claim Where the Party Responsible Is Known

The process of putting forward a claim is much easier when the negligent party is known, provided that they have adequate insurance. Ultimately, it is the insurance company that will eventually end up paying the financial sum that is awarded by the court.

In essence, the more evidence that can be provided by the cyclist to support their claim and prove the negligence of the party responsible, the stronger their case will be.

What Information Is Needed to Make a Bike Accident Claim in Dublin?

Anyone involved in a bicycle accident, granted they are not too injured to do so, should immediately begin gathering evidence that will help a claim. Recommended information and types of evidence that can support such a case include the following:

  • Registration and insurance details of the other vehicle involved in the collision.

  • The contact details of any witnesses at the time so that evidence can exist as a witness testimony.

  • Pictures of the scene and any injuries sustained by the victim should be taken, only if the victim has access to a camera, for photographic evidence to exist.

  • CCTV evidence leading up to and immediately after the bike accident

  • Medical reports detailing any treatment received and any ongoing treatment to be received can also subsequently help a claim. The victim of any bicycle accident should always seek medical attention, even if they consider their injuries to be minor. Sometimes, serious injuries may not always be immediately apparent.

Negligent Acts of Drivers Who Have Caused a Bike Crash

While bicycling is considered a popular activity everywhere, places like Dublin don't often experience high volumes of bicycle traffic. A smaller bicycle presence often means that there is less awareness among motorists regarding bicyclists.

Dublin also has many country roads where a motor vehicle will tend to travel at high speeds. Faster driving or speeding reduces a motorist's reaction time, which may lead to more serious crashes.

Below are some of the most common ways in which motorists have caused bicycle accidents:

  • Distracted driving, from general distractions or mental distractions, that resulted in the motorist taking their eyes off the road.

  • Not checking blind spots when changing lanes and turning.

  • Failing to be on the lookout for cyclists when opening the car door of a parked car.

  • The failure to check for any cyclists before turning or pulling out of driveways.

  • Not checking behind them when reversing.

  • Not leaving enough room to pass a cyclist safely.

  • The failure to understand the rights of a cyclist when using a roundabout.

Proving a Motorist Has Acted Negligently

Proving a Motorist Has Acted Negligently

Based on the evidence that an individual is able to provide during their free consultation, a bicycle accident lawyer will begin to determine who is liable for the bicycle crash and actively pursue action against the motorist.

Establishing negligence is vital when determining fault. Proving that a motorist has acted negligently requires providing evidence to show:

  • The driver was obliged to follow all traffic laws and drive in a manner that was considered reasonable.

  • By driving irresponsibly, the driver failed to follow all traffic laws which resulted in a collision.

  • The victim suffered physical, emotional, and financial harm from the accident.

Without this type of evidence, no compensation will be able to be collected on behalf of an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Instead, medical bills will have to be paid for from the victim's own pocket.

Other Dublin Practice Areas

Types of Compensation Offers

How much compensation is offered in regards to bike accident claims will depend on the following factors:

  • The extent of the injuries suffered

  • The length of time the injury will take to heal

  • Damages to the bicycle

  • Loss of earnings if time was taken off work following the accident

It is very much possible for a victim to handle a bicycle accident claim by themself; however, the claim value is often vastly underestimated, and many settle for way too little money. A Dublin bicycle accident law firm knows exactly how to calculate a reasonable value and can also offer an opinion before an individual agrees to a settlement from an insurance company.

Damages that are often recovered for clients include:

  • Medical bills

  • Therapy and rehabilitation costs

  • Future and ongoing care

  • Lost wages and future lost wages

  • Any lost benefits

  • Pain and suffering

  • Property damage, including the replacement of a bike

Soon after the accident, it is commonplace for an insurance company to offer victims of bike accidents a settlement. This is for their best interest and is often a quick payout in hopes of saving them money in the long run. It is important that no offers are accepted without consulting with a legal professional first.

Even though settling early is a quick fix, it often leaves victims under-compensated, especially if the full extent of their injuries is not yet revealed following the accident.

As a reminder to those who have been involved in a bicycle accident in Dublin, Keating Law Firms' personal injury lawyers exist to help during these difficult times. Lawyers may take the stress off of an individual's shoulders by fighting for the justice they so righteously deserve.


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