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Steps to Claiming Car Accident Compensation with a New Albany Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are life-changing experiences. The crash opens a can of worms of frustrations for victims who have to fight for what they’re entitled to get compensation. It’s not an easy process as victims must file their claims, determine the at-fault party, and finally, get the much-needed closure to move on with their lives.

Going through this as a victim can be too much to handle, especially at a time when they’re vulnerable and haven’t come to terms with what just happened. Moreover, taking on the insurance companies and the law is quite intimidating. It's, therefore, best that injured victims contact personal injury lawyers at Keating Firm Law in New Albany, Ohio, to know what their options are and the steps to take right after the car accident.

While motor vehicle accidents are unique, there are common steps an injured victim can take. Whether it’s a massive car crash or a minor fender bender, these steps always apply. It will seek damages compensation from the victim's insurance company or the opposing insurance company. A personal injury lawyer will conduct a free case evaluation to determine if the injured party has a case. If so, the two parties will sign a fee agreement to make the attorney-client relationship official.

Steps to Take at the Scene of the Crime

Steps to Take at the Scene of the Crime

Even though a person involved in a car accident may have different thoughts racing in mind, they need to get a hold of themselves and take these steps:

Calling Medical Assistance

Victims must check if their passengers are okay, even if the motor vehicle accident was minor. The accident victims should call for medical treatment if there’s anyone injured from the crash. This step is important for their well-being and ultimately for the success of any personal injury claims.

Making a Police Report

In addition to this, accident victims must call the police to make a police report about the accident. Jefferson County requires road users to report any major motor vehicle accidents. This step is extremely important, even if it’s a fender bender car accident. Getting a police report during the early stages of the process will equally determine who is at fault.

Gather Witnesses

A victim needs to obtain the name, address, license, and insurance information of the at-fault driver. The victim must also seek to gather people who had a forefront seat of how the car accident occurred. They can help with the case evidence. Therefore, the victim should gather their name and contact information.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures of the scene of the car accident is equally important. People may take pictures of the traffic signal site, the road and weather conditions, the other vehicle involved, and any skid marks caused by the accident.

Notify the Insurance Company about the Car Accident

The plaintiff should contact their auto insurance companies to notify them about the accident. One is advised not to waste their time here. The insurance company always finds loopholes not to compensate victims as they’ll like to continue making profits and reserving money. Late notification on the victim's part is a breach of the insurance policy and may lead to no compensation.

After getting the notification, the insurance company may align a claim number and adjuster to manage all aspects of the victim's claim. The insurance company may ask victims to provide evidence of the accident, plus record a statement of how the event unfolded right before the accident.

If the car accident involves property damage, the insurance will send out a person to investigate the extent of the damage and see whether the car can be repaired. Depending on the policy at hand, the insurance company can give the plaintiff a rental car, even if they’re not at fault so that they can later seek reimbursement from the at-fault party later on.

Finally, while at the accident scene, it’s quite easy for the victims to lose their cool; even so, the car accident victims are advised to refrain from making statements that can be later used against them.

What Car Accident Lawyer Can Do for Plaintiffs

Personal injury attorneys can easily help an injured party draft a personal injury claim with the information above. This claim usually goes through the following process:

Assessment and Consultation

The personal injury attorney will go through the available information attained from the crime scene to determine the viability of the victim's personal injury claim. This is done to ensure they don’t waste the plaintiff’s time and their own with a final verdict of a no-win case. These experts will get a second opinion of the medical reports to get evidence of how the car accident affected their clients.

Submission and Negotiations

The victim’s personal injury attorney will submit the claim to the opposing party. An official notice notifies the at-fault party about the personal injury lawsuit. Moreover, injury lawyers will have several trial conferences to get into a settlement. The personal injury lawyer will have these negotiations on behalf of the plaintiff.

They understand the extent of the damage and will certainly ensure the victim only get what they are entitled to. If the two parties fail to agree, the personal injury case will go to trial. Here, each opposing side will have an opportunity to argue their case.


If the negotiations didn’t bear fruits, the lawsuit goes to trial in a law court in New Albany, Ohio. After each side makes its court case, a judge or jury will make the case's final verdict by awarding the victim compensation.

Car Accident Victim Not in a Position to Collect Information

The plaintiffs may have fatal injuries that may cause wrongful death; this means that they could not collect vital evidence needed to make a case. A loved one can hire a car accident lawyer who can pursue a wrongful death case. This is a unique case as there is no available information.

Overall, the family member will give out the needed information about the deceased like their name, address, license plate used, and some additional medical records like diagnosis and injuries sustained from the vehicle accident. Accident attorneys will use such information to make wrong death cases.

A personal injury attorney can reenact the car accident scene from the information given by the loved one. Moreover, the expert will obtain medical records from medical practitioners that indicate that the injuries or deaths were due to the accident that occurred. A car accident lawyer will also look at the filed police reports to determine who was at fault.

The super lawyers will meet up on behalf of the family member with the opposing insurance companies plus the deceased's insurance to agree on a fair compensation out of court. These accident attorneys have seen the pain and suffering that family members have gone through and would only accept a befitting settlement that would be substantial for years to come.

What Compensations Can Car Accident Victims Get from the Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What Compensations Can Car Accident Victims Get from the Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A car accident victim is likely to get various types of compensation if they win their lawsuit. They are given to cover a myriad of things, which include:

Past and future medical costs; this compensation is awarded to cover the medical expenses that the victim has incurred and will continue to incur due to the car accident injuries. They include expenses from medical treatment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of the accident injuries.

Lost wages; the time taken off to help the victim recover was a missed opportunity to make money and earn an income. It’s only fair for the victim to get compensated for the lost earnings.

Pain and suffering; a car accident lawyer can help victims get compensation for the anguish, pain, and trauma that the car accident has caused.

The opposing insurance companies are out to make profits and reserve money. Therefore, they can talk to the accident victim to foster a quick settlement. It shouldn’t happen without the presence of an auto accident attorney in Columbus from Keating Firm Law in New Albany, as they can easily give a settlement less than what the plaintiff is entitled to.

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Contact Keating Firm Law for Legal Representation

Proficient car accident attorneys from Keating Firm Law understand New Albany traffic rules. Therefore, they can make a tangible personal injury claim that can only win compensation. They also have experience working on these cases, meaning a car accident attorney has forged meaningful work relationships with other experts. Moreover, plaintiffs can only pay lawyers from Keating Law Firm after winning their case.

Getting medical or police reports can be easy, as they know where to go. Car accident lawyers also understand that plaintiffs are stressed and transitive by accident. They, therefore, have compassion while handling them by ensuring that the process is as quick and efficient as possible. This allows the victims to spend time focusing on their recovery. Therefore, plaintiffs in New Albany thinking of making a vehicle accident lawsuit should consider working with car accident lawyers from Keating Firm Law.

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Aug 17, 2023

Navigating legal complexities after a car accident is crucial, and Keating Firm Law seems well-equipped to assist in New Albany. Their dedication to personalized attention and extensive experience is reassuring. The blog post sheds light on the nuances of car accident cases, offering valuable insights. In addition, if you require assistance with vehicle repairs, I recommend reaching out to the recommended fabrication shop. This collaboration between legal expertise and quality repairs can help alleviate post-accident stress.

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