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The New Albany Bicycle Accident Lawyer That People Need

Bicycle accidents can cause injury and stress to a victim. It is important that they have the right personal injury lawyer behind them to help them get the results they need during their personal injury claim. However, many personal injury claims may be thrown out if the proper evidence is not provided to the court and the insurance company. Victims speak with the personal injury attorneys at The Keating Firm during their free consultation because they only want the best team around them.

When Do Bicyclists Have the Right of Way?

When Do Bicyclists Have the Right of Way?

Bicyclists have the right away when they are on the road. If there is a bicycle lane, they should only ride there, but they can ride on the right side of the road if there is no lane or it is blocked by a parked car or other debris. However, a bicyclist cannot right on any instate highways or expressways.

Overall, many drivers know to give them the right of way because they do not want to cause a bicycle accident. A person on a bike does not have the same protection as someone in a car, so drivers should be aware of the bicyclists on the road.

What Can Cause a Bicycle Accident?

There are a few different ways that a bicycle accident can occur. However, no matter when one happens, a dedicated personal injury lawyer should be called right away to help the victim get the compensation they need. The common causes of an accident are:

  • Drivers running a red light

  • When someone completes a rolling stop at a stop sign

  • If the driver does not look before they turn

  • Speeding

  • Drivers who are under the influence

  • When someone is too tired to drive

  • Distracted driving

There are more reasons why a bicycle accident can happen, but these have been some of the most common ones.

When Can Someone Seek Compensation?

When a driver hits a cyclist who had the right of way, the driver will likely be held liable for the accident. However, any personal injury lawyer mustn't focus on just one person who caused the accident because that is not how personal injury law works.

Regarding personal injury claims in New Albany, it needs to be proven that the victim has not caused more than 50% of the accident to receive financial compensation. Otherwise, they will need to pay the other party for causing the accident. Instead, negligence needs to be proven.

What Financial Compensation Can the Victim Receive?

There are two forms of compensation in which a victim can get money for economic and non-economic damages:

Economic Damages

These damages are easy to prove because they have a monetary value. The evidence gathered will show the insurance company and the court how much money the victim has either spent because of their catastrophic injuries or how much money they will lose. Economic damages can include:

Non-Economic Damages

Regarding non-economic damages, it can be more complicated what damage the car accident has left on the cyclist. However, this can still be proven with the right law firm that has the experience to help. Non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish

  • Loss of quality of life

These factors do not have a monetary value written down on paper, so the law firm will need to figure out how much money would help with these damages.

How Does a Law Firm Prove Liability?

Whether it is a car accident or a wrongful death claim, liability must be proven. Even if it is obvious that the other driver was in the wrong, the team will need to gather the correct information that will support these claims. Some of the evidence that would be collected is:

  • Eyewitness testimonies

  • Video footage

  • Photographs

  • An inspection of the bicycle

  • Computer-rendered reconstruction of the accident

  • Medical reports

  • Police reports

All of this information can be used to prove liability. However, this can be explained to anyone who goes into the office for a free case evaluation.

What If the Victim is Partially to Blame?

Many clients have walked in and worried about not receiving any compensation because they were partially at fault, but that does not mean the victim will not receive their compensation.

Under the law, victims are never refused compensation. However, they need to be aware that they may not receive full payment and only receive part of it. Many insurance companies will try and prove that the victim is entirely at-fault for their injuries, but this is usually misplaced. The vast majority of the time, motor vehicles are why a cyclist has been in an accident.

How Every Cyclist Should Keep Themselves Safe

Even though cyclists have the right of way on the road, they can still take many precautions to keep themselves safe. Some of these precautions are:

  • Wearing protective gear

  • Staying in the bike lane

  • Not going on any interstate highways

  • Signaling before making any turns

There are many top tips that people should follow, but these are just a few that may help remind riders to be safe.

Is It Only Personal Injury Cases That Come from Bicycle Accidents?

The short answer to this question is no. Sadly, many bicycle accident victims have died in an accident, and the family then needs to look at wrongful death claims. Motor vehicle operators who have caused death can have a wrongful death claim opened against them. However, this is always very time-consuming, and many people do not have the time or the energy to deal with the wrongful death process. The kind of compensation that the family could receive is:

  • Money for the burial

  • Any lost wages that the deceased would have used to provide for the family home

People come by for a free consultation with a bicycle accident law firm in Columbus at The Keating Firm because the personal injury lawyers are experienced in these claims and can help families get the justice they deserve.

Why Do People Choose "The Keating Firm"?

Pedestrian accidents can cause a lot of stress in a person's life, but they should be focused on recovering and not on the case. People contact The Keating Firm because a team member looks after all accident victims.

Handle the Case Load

When a motor vehicle is involved in an accident, many traffic laws can be used to help explain why the victim deserves compensation. However, those same laws can be complicated to prove. The team needs to confirm that the at-fault party was a negligent driver.

This will involve a lot of paperwork and documents, but the victim should be focusing on resting instead of wondering what they need to fill in next. That is why the experienced attorneys at The Keating Firm will take on all of the paperwork and sort the claim out themselves. They understand that this is a traumatizing and stressful time, so they will do their best to take as much added pressure off the victim.

These Lawyers Understand the Law

When it comes to personal injury claims, people can get the law mixed up. Non-fatal accidents can lead to many people thinking that they don't need to make a claim right away and that they can wait to do so. However, that isn't the case. There is a statute of limitations for a personal injury claim, and it is better to file it sooner than later.

Maximum Compensation Is the Goal

Compensation is the goal when it comes to these claims because that money can help alleviate the financial stresses that have been caused by the accident in New Albany. However, many insurance companies will try to make the victim take minimal compensation because the company does not want to pay out.

Having legal representation present will deter any insurance company from doing that because they will be able to spot when this happens. The attorney-client relationship that has been built is one that the attorney wants to uphold. If the victim has been told that they will receive a certain amount, the attorney will do everything to get it.

Call for a Free and Confidential Consultation Today

Call for a Free and Confidential Consultation Today

The team at The Keating Firm is ready to speak with potential clients about their accidents. Every victim will have a team that is knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about their job to represent clients effectively and adequately. Every victim must have a team in their corner and make sure that their voices are heard while they are recovering from their injuries.

Also, every victim will always know what is happening with their case. The team will not hide any of this information because they do not want the victim ever to be blindsided by any developments.

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If someone has been in an accident, they must hire the right accident lawyer. This lawyer will make the most significant difference in the outcome of the case. People choose The Keating Firm because every attorney is ready to help.

Any questions should be phoned in at (866) 836-4878.

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