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Get the Right Hilliard Truck Accident Lawyer Right Now!

Truck accidents are on the rise in America. Back in 2017, 4,657 fatal crashes involved large trucks in the US. There were damages to property, physical injuries to the truck driver, and fatalities. However, when a truck accident happens, then a truck accident lawyer needs to be called so that the victim can receive the proper compensation.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

There are many reasons why truck accidents happen. However, no matter why a truck accident occurs, a Hilliard truck accident lawyer should be called right away. These are some of the reasons why truck accidents happen:

  • 31% of truck accidents where the truck driver has died are due to fatigue.

  • Distracted driving

  • Poor weather conditions

  • Unsafe lane changes

  • Failing to secure cargo

  • Inadequate truck maintenance and part breakdowns

  • Poor hiring, training, and retention practices

  • Driving while under the influence

  • Speeding

When a Columbus truck accident lawyer is called, they can help with the process because it can be long-winded and confusing.

What Can Be Claimed?

The right truck accident attorney can help victims get the compensation they deserve. People can claim many different things, but there also needs to be evidence to support these claims. Some of the compensation that victims can claim are:

  • Medical bills

  • Pain and suffering

  • Future medical bills

  • Lost wages

  • Reduced earning capacity

To prove that the victim needs compensation for the previously stated, the right truck accident attorney will gather all of the correct information like tax forms, bills, receipts, and more. Then, all of this information is collected, and a fair value is given for all of these expenses.

Who Is Responsible for Paying the Truck Accident Claim?

Every motorist on the road has laws and regulations that they need to follow. This is to keep everyone safe on the road, but all Hilliard truck accident lawyers know that trucking companies are also held accountable when a truck accident happens.

This is known as 'vicarious liability,' meaning that the employer must take responsibility for anything the employee does while carrying out their job responsibilities. That means that the trucking company will be able to be held liable for any truck accident that has happened. Truck accident attorneys will contact the company and receive compensation for the victim from the company.

Also, there can be other parties that are held accountable after a trucking accident. If there was something wrong with the truck, then one of the following companies could be held liable:

  • Manufacturer of the truck

  • The manufacturer of the truck parts

  • Manufacturers of the tires

  • Companies that are supposed to complete any repairs or maintenance

Unlike car accidents, a truck accident is never simple. This is because there are many different parties involved, and truck accident lawyers need to take their time to make sure that everything is completed properly. When a personal injury claim begins, the lawyer will make sure that all involved parties are identified to be held responsible.

What Happens After a Truck Accident?

These are the steps that people should follow if they have been in a truck accident:

Calling 911

When a truck accident has occurred, emergency services should be called. Truck accidents can be severe and cause fatal injuries, so having the police and ambulance arrive can help save a life.

Also, the police will take their time to write a police report and determine who is at fault. This information will be essential for the case later on.

Taking Pictures & Witness Details

This step should only be completed if it is safe to do so. If the victim can take pictures of the accident and obtain the details of any witnesses, then that can all be used for the case later on.

Seeking Medical Attention

Everyone involved in a truck accident should seek medical attention after the crash. Many people will not feel their injuries because of the adrenaline running through their system. Additionally, if a victim is trying to pursue a personal injury claim, they will need to have a medical report that talks about how the truck accident is the reason for these injuries.

Truck Accident Lawyers Should Be Called

Before speaking to an insurance company, truck accident attorneys need to be contacted. This is because insurance companies may say that the victim is at fault for the accident, so their insurance premium will be raised. However, this is harder to do when a law firm is involved.

How Complex Can a Truck Accident Claim Be?

If a person is trying to complete their personal injury claim themselves, they will be surprised to find out that it is very complex. This is because the trucking company is involved. The trucking industry is one of the largest industries in transportation worldwide, so every company has a team of corporate lawyers to fight against anyone who wants to make a personal injury claim. That is why many people will need their team of truck accident lawyers to take on this case.

Additionally, more evidence can be used to help support the victim, but the trucking company has a hold of it. This is all of the additional information that can be used to the victim's advantage:

  • The driver's logs

  • All maintenance logs about the truck

  • Any data from the truck's computer

  • Any post-accident tests for alcohol and drug consumption

  • Additional information regarding the truck or the driver

  • The actual truck

The trucking company needs to be notified of the claim to get this information. This needs to be done right at the beginning of the case, and a professional attorney can do it. By gathering this evidence, the attorney can build a stronger case so that the victim can receive the full amount of compensation.


In the state of Ohio, negligence can be established and used in a case against a trucking company. This means that the truck accident lawyers can determine that the at-fault driver owed the victim a legal duty of care, breached that duty of care, how that breach caused the accident, and that the victim has suffered damages.

An example of this would be if the truck driver did not change lanes safely and hit someone else. The truck driver will be liable for not changing lanes correctly, but the company will also be held accountable because of the training that was provided to the driver.

However, it can be challenging to prove negligence for both the driver and the company; that is why a lawyer can help when this happens. They will have the knowledge and experience to prove negligence to the driver and the company so that the victim can receive their compensation.

Will This Case Be Taken to Court?

Many attorneys will do their best to make sure that claims are settled outside of court. The Keating Firm LTD team knows that this time is stressful and traumatic, so they always aim to get this sorted quickly and efficiently. However, sometimes, these cases do end up going to court.

However, the victim and their family will be in the know every step of the way. This is because many truck accidents can take a long time to settle since so many different parties are involved, including truck drivers, the trucking company, manufacturers, and more. When all of this is added into a courtroom, this can prolong the entire case, making some people want to settle for a compensation package that they do not deserve.

Luckily, the right team will always fight for what the victim deserves.

Why Choose "The Keating Firm LTD"?

Why Choose "The Keating Firm LTD"?

The Keating Firm LTD team is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced in commercial truck accidents. That is why every victim is treated with respect while working with the team. They also understand the stress that the victim and their family are going through, so they will do everything they can to try and take some of that stress away.

Every client is offered a free consultation, to begin with, so they can make sure that The Keating Firm LTD is right for them. Also, everything said does fall under the attorney-client relationship, so it is confidential.

While working with this professional team, every victim will receive completely transparent information, so they always know what is happening with their case. Every person must understand what their lawyer is doing next because this case is essential to them.

The team takes care when building every case by looking at all the different forms of evidence available like reports, pictures, and testimonies. They will also gather additional information from the trucking company like blood alcohol tests, safety reports, and logs. When a victim works with an experienced team, they are more likely to gather the correct information for the case.

Anyone interested must call the team at (866) 836-4878.

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When a truck accident happens, every victim must call the right law firm to get the support they need. Completing a personal injury claim takes time and can be difficult for people to do, so the victim will have a better chance of getting the outcome they want if they hire a lawyer from Hilliard, OH.


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