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In an Accident? Contact a Hilliard Pedestrian Accident Attorney, Today

The Keating Firm is an experienced pedestrian accident law firm ready to serve its clients. With its Hilliard pedestrian accident attorney team, personal attention and excellent service are of the essence to the firm's philosophy.

The firm is dedicated to showing its clients that they do matter and that the team will tirelessly fight for them. Every person has rights and is entitled to be heard in a court of law. Keating Hilliard was started to make a difference in lives and be a positive force in the world.

Individuals have every bit the right to request justice and compensation if they or a loved one was involved in an accident. Unfortunately, there are many negligent drivers who do not pay attention when on the road. Accidents can be life-changing occurrences that can alter and/or devastate a family.

Alarmingly, pedestrian accidents are more common than one might think and some ultimately result in death. According to Ohio records, over 14o pedestrians lost their lives in 2017 due to a car accident.

The Keating Hilliard Firm wants to help people navigate the complexities of car accidents and represent them in a court of law. It also knows the hassle of dealing with an insurance company and its protocols following an auto accident.

The following information is provided to educate individuals in Hilliard, Ohio who need a personal injury lawyer or experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

Free Consultation

When a client comes into the firm's offices following a car accident, they will receive a free case evaluation and a free consultation. Yes, this is absolutely free, and clients won't have to worry about attorney fees! Keating's legal team will assess the case and see if they can be of service to said client. After filing a personalized folder for the case, the process will begin. Every case taken becomes the law firm's personal mission.

Keating's attorneys believe in a family approach. Clients and their lawyers will become partners. Keating will offer a reliable and experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Hilliard, Ohio for every case taken. The injured or representative of the inured/deceased has the ability to hire and select their preferred attorney per request. Every attorney will feel a tremendous sense of responsibility when assigned to a car accident case.

Car Accident Causes and Their Consequences

Car Accident Causes and Their Consequences

There are many examples of how a tragic pedestrian accident could occur. Below are three common and inexcusable reasons which have caused pedestrian accidents.

Texting or Game Playing

A frequent irresponsible act is when individuals are texting while driving, which results in a car accident. They are in turn not focusing on driving the vehicle and could easily hit a pedestrian. There are even instances of drivers who choose to play a mobile game when operating a car.

This is plainly disgraceful and is a critical liability. Cars are large pieces of machinery that require full attention to operate. According to Edgar Snyder and Associates, "3,166 people were killed by distracted driving in 2017."


Another frequent occurrence is when one chooses to speed. This can result in recklessness and in the worst case, a wrongful death. Even worse is when a person drives through a red signal. Some drivers do not respect the authority of the stop sign and believe they are larger than the law. They are not concerned with the implications. Traffic signals are in place for a reason.

A Car Accident Due to Speeding Can be Deadly

Speeding can take away lives and cause pedestrian accidents. It is one of the central factors police officers consider when pulling individuals over. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), "speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in 2019, killing 9,478, or an average of over 25 people per day."

Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers are also people who frequently cause an auto accident. Often, they are not even competent to drive a vehicle. In turn, they not only hurt their own life but the life or lives of innocent pedestrians or the other driver.

People Die from Drunk Driving Every Day

A car accident is often inevitable. Their behavior is a serious issue and is completely reckless. According to the NHTSA, "every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes."

Negligence and Fault

Car accidents undoubtedly have implications. These examples are pure negligence and deserve justice. The fault lies with the ignorant driver. Medical bills are just one of the costs associated with a pedestrian or auto accident, not to mention the loss of income during recovery.

These expenses can be astronomical! An injury is a serious matter that permanently changes the course of someone's life. With a personal injury lawyer, an individual can recover compensation.

Incidents and Degree of Liability

There are instances in which the driver's negligence is limited, yet a liability issue is still present. Weather or traffic conditions could cause an unplanned slip that accidentally leads the vehicle to hit a person. Yes, this is still the operator's fault, but in the eyes of the law, the punishment might be less than in the case of a drunk driver or speeder.

Rest assured, Keating Hilliard clientele will be represented fully and will be protected. The pedestrian still suffered an injury and had contact with the driver. There are financial costs to all injuries, minor or significant.

An insurance company will be contacted. With a team of personal injury lawyers at a client's disposal, they can claim damages for the costs associated with their injury. Pedestrian accidents are a very serious matter.

When a pedestrian is crossing the street, it is very important to be aware and pay attention to their surroundings. Pedestrians should not jaywalk at intersections. This can limit accidents, but often it is out of the pedestrian's control when an accident happens.

It is the fault of the defendant that led to the occurrence. While it is up to the court to define the different parties' percentages of fault, an injured person or family member of the deceased should try to obtain as many damages as possible. This is where a personal injury lawyer comes in.


Complications of a car accident or crash could include a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injuries. Head trauma can cause permeant disability. It was someone else's negligence that caused such suffering and pain.

The driver will have to pay the penalty for hurting another life. It was their fault that such a personal injury or death even happened. Of course, the insurance company will become involved as well.

Mental and Physical

If a pedestrian survives a motorcycle or auto accident, often it is a long process to return to normal life. The individual is dealing with a lot, both physically and mentally. It could take years to fully recover or often, the damage is permeant. Medical treatment for a personal injury could be quite extensive.

A doctor may have said the client must stay in the hospital for weeks or even months. This means the said client will be out of work and can lose a lot of wages. A person's state of wellbeing, condition, or situation can be traumatically different based on each accident. Some might have limited pain and damage, while others become in a vegetative state or die.

The Lawsuit Process

As victims are recovering, they may want to start preparing for the lawsuit process. With respect to the loss of a family member or friend, said client can also begin to work on a claim. Pedestrian accident claims should be filled at the earliest convivence. This is no problem.

Whether the said client is still at the hospital or at home, the Hilliard attorney team will be accessible. A member of the team will even visit the hospital if requested. Of course, individuals or their families can visit the Hilliard, OH law firm office and schedule a meeting with their lawyer. The firm wants to be helpful and understanding of any circumstances.

A free consultation wiht an accident lawyer will be offered. After the conduction of a free case evaluation, the lawyer and client will start their consistent communication. Whether it be through a phone number or email, a client's attorney will reach out in the most comfortable way possible per request.

With extensive experience and only the highest quality of lawyers, Keating will fight for clients' best interests. The hiring process to become an attorney with Keating is very selective. Chosen candidates have a competitive education, as well as proper real-world experience. Every person hired by Keating is well trained for all needs.

Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Lawyer and Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A client's personal injury lawyer or pedestrian accident lawyer will explain every detail regarding the case and will provide advice and legal consulting. The attorneys will answer any questions and will clearly outline all options. They will talk in detail about said options and recommend a path to move forward in the most effective way possible.

There is an assortment of ways to go about a case. A settlement is one such option that could be highlighted depending on the magnitude of the accident. The lawyer will negotiate on the client's behalf accordingly. Every aspect of the process will be handled with care.

Additionally, a personal injury lawyer will help contact insurance companies. Keating lawyers want to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Recovering from injuries or dealing with the loss of a loved one is way challenging enough.

Step by step, the client and pedestrian accident attorney in Columbus will build a strong case against the defendant. The personal injury attorney will perform extensive research and clearly communicate key legal precedents in the courtroom on the behalf of the client.

Education and Precedents

Educating the victim or representative of the victim about how to move forward with their case is imperative. This is a task that a pedestrian accident attorney takes seriously. There are many precedents related to civil law and pedestrian accident claims. The injured or a representative of the pedestrian will learn all about the most effective methods to succeed in the courtroom.

Generally, the crafting of a strong and factual case is inspired by precedent. This is how judges and juries ultimately decide the verdict. Therefore, proper case structure is a big deal. Keating Hilliard attorneys understand this.

With a variety of resources, clients can be assured that their lawyer is well educated on the specifics of the topic at hand. A client's personal injury lawyer will determine what evidence is necessary to show to prove the accident most effectively. It is vital to Keating that their clients are protected. The firm completely understands the circumstances and is dedicated to pursuing a win. They want to yield clients significant damages!

Confidentiality is Key

Keating understands and respects the client-lawyer relationship. Everything discussed will remain confidential. It is the responsibility of the pedestrian accident law firm to be professional and honor the wishes of clients.

What clients and their attorney talk about strictly stays in the room. The only exception would be if the police asked legally bounding questions to said attorney. It is the job of a personal injury lawyer to be an alley that can be trusted. Personal injury clients' needs will be recognized and fought for.

Legal System and the Hilliard Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Team

Whether a victim suffered an injury or a family member is seeking justice over a loved one's death, Keating's Hilliard personal injury attorneys will serve on clients' behalf and pursue the best possible course of action. A lawsuit is often an inevitable response to a pedestrian accident.

This is exactly why the U.S. has a strong legal system in place. Personal injury victims deserve peace of mind. Pedestrian accident claims are taken very seriously by Ohio law. Evidence of substantial medical bills and medical treatments only furthers the degree of severity of the court case.

If a case goes to trial, a jury might be formed in accordance with Ohio law. Clients deserve the best representation possible, and that's the promise of the Hilliard, Ohio pedestrian accident law firm. Personal injury lawyers will find and collect all documentation and evidence necessary to make a compelling case. They will check all specific sources related to the case multiple times for proper clarification before the date of the trial.

It is key to remember that a personal injury is not taken lightly in the eyes of the law. The injured or victims who lose their lives due to a car accident or motorcycle accident have voices that need to be recognized. Wrongful deaths happen every day.

Why Keaton Hilliard/Columbus Ohio?

Why Keating Hilliard/Columbus Ohio?

The Hilliard practice will stress all aspects of each case it takes on. The team's dedication is unmatched in the area. It will not stop fighting until a desirable outcome is determined. Negotiations of a settlement can be long, but Hilliard attorneys are experts in their craft.

They will handle everything with care and compassion. A Keating lawyer will not get distracted and will focus on the end result. Each lawyer reviews the case in detail and provides the best possible counsel. The Keating Hilliard Ohio staff prides itself on giving its clients the best chances to receive damages.

Working non-stop to help their clients take the necessary steps to win damages, Keating law firm fees are reflective of the time and dedication provided. Experienced counsel and guidance are not free.

Losses can happen, as wins are not guaranteed in the end. The overall fee will take this into consideration in the matter of a loss. The firm will send out the bill only after the case is complete.

Reputation Matters

The Keating Hilliard Ohio staff has a strong reputation and has helped many individuals. It has a variety of practice areas and services, with personal accident claims being a specialty. The team's personal injury lawyers are ready to help a victim recover compensation and losses. The Hilliard staff rarely fails.

Starting with a free consultation, the Keating business experience is designed to be immediately client-focused. The thought process and factors that drive the Keating pedestrian accident law firm are simple. A certified and experienced lawyer will represent the said client in a court of law and provide support throughout the whole case journey.

Creating the Ultimate Experience and Building Trust

Keating Hilliard does not want clients to worry, as they are dealing with so much more. A lawyer will explore different alternatives with said client and meet as many times as necessary to ensure a great experience. All details will remain confidential.

Fighting For What Is Right

Clients who are needing a reliable and strong law firm can entrust the Hilliard firm with their case. Every time Keating Hilliard takes a case, it is determined to fight for what is right. Though there are different types of law that Keating focuses on, personal injury is very personal to the Ohio office. Pedestrian accident claims are an unfortunate consequence of everyday accidents. Whether the injury is extensive or minor, said injury can cause a lot of physical and mental implications.

Negligent car or motorcycle drivers are responsible! Victims are suffering because of their actions. Expenses are going to occur. The Keating Hilliard Law Firm is in the business of helping such cliental cover the costs associated with personal injuries or even with, wrongful death. These clients are entitled to damages.

When individuals lose wages due to an accident, they are deserving of compensation. Medical treatment costs are a whole other situation. All things considered, such individuals most importantly have earned some sense of closure and peace of mind. Whether a settlement is made or the case goes to trial, Keating will represent such individuals and prove that they do matter!

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