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Have You or a Loved One Got Bitten by a Dog? We Have a Hilliard Dog Bite Attorney Team.

The Keating Firm's Hilliard law office is well prepared to handle cases revolving around dog bites. While dog bite injuries are often not the first thought that comes to mind when one thinks of law services, animal attacks are very much a serious and life-threatening event. The Hilliard team is dedicated to protecting clients and representing them in a court of law if necessary. A free consultation is just the beginning.

Dog Bites and Ohio Law

Dog Bites and Ohio Law

Dog bite cases often are instituted due to personal injury or even wrongful death. If an animal misbehaves and causes physical trauma, it is the dog's owner or guardian who is at fault. According to Ohio law, "dog owners are ‘strictly liable’ for damages or injuries caused by their animal."

Ohio is a strict liability state and has legislation in place to protect victims. Whether the injured is a grown person or child, state law will protect them. Other states may have different procedures, but Ohio law takes animal attacks very seriously.

Any Dog Can Become Violent

Dogs can be fantastic pets and bring families together, but a dog is also an animal and can have a violent nature. Animals are not always civilized and can act unpredictably. As highlighted above, when a dog misacts, this is the negligence of the owner. Immediate contact with a harmful dog can result in an attack.

Even if the incident occurred when the bitten walked on the owner's property, damages can be claimed. If the injured was trespassing with no criminal intentions, the law is still applicable. The animal's owner will consequently have legal matters to deal with.

Dog Bite Victims Have Rights

Victims can use their legal rights to try to get a sense of justice and peace of mind. This is at the heart of why Keating Hilliard dog bite lawyers do what they do. They desire to handle the execution of a claim and fight for their clients.


With insurance purchased by an insurance company, dog owners can create a blanket of financial security for themselves in the event their animal misbehaves. According to the Insurance Information Institute, "homeowners and renters insurance policies typically cover dog bite liability legal expenses, up to the liability limits (typically $100,000 to $300,000)."

Insurance Claims are High

Alarmingly, the Insurance Information Institute and insurance company, State Farm, has discovered that "liability claims related to dog bites and other dog-related injuries cost homeowners insurers $882 million in 2021."

Such insurance coverage is good news for individuals who experienced an animal bite. Compensation of some degree is pretty much guaranteed. With a Hilliard dog bit lawyer negotiating on one's behalf, the process will become easier and more straightforward. The bitten can receive a free consultation today.

Long-Lasting Physical, Mental, and Financial Effects of Dog Bite Injuries

Injury victims deserve representation. If a loved one was injured due to a dog attack, they and their family have the right to receive compensation. An animal attack can cause both physical and mental pain and suffering. The post-traumatic stress of the experience has the power to haunt for years to come. Some victims will have to monitor their mental health accordingly.

Physically, clients may have permanent scarring and other long-term medical challenges associated with the attack. Scars can be a lasting reminder of the horrible experience that took place. One's future can be truly altered. The animal owner should pay for such an experience and will do so.

Recovery Process

The recovery process will be dramatically different depending on the severity of the attack. Some victims will be home in hours, while others might be hospitalized for months. An animal bite could be poisonous through rabies and result in amputation or even death. One's health can deteriorate rapidly. Undoubtedly, dog bites can have lasting effects.

According to Edgar Synder & Associates," in 2017, 39 dog bite-related fatalities occurred in the U.S." Additionally, a majority of the animals responsible for these deaths were family pets. While this number may not be large, 39 individuals lost their lives due to the negligence of a dog owner. These are tragic accidents that should have not happened.

Financial Stress

Medical expenses can be very expensive. Not only do these expenses need to be considered, but the loss of wages. This can become very costly and stressful for the victim, even when the accident was not their fault. They are trying to recover, yet have a significant financial burden on their mind.

Bankruptcy May Occur Due to Medical Bills

Some might even have to claim bankruptcy if there is a long-term loss of income, all due to a dog attack. Lost wages can equal financial instability for those who live paycheck to paycheck. The injured have bills to pay. This is why Ohio law was written concerning the injured and why firms such as Keating Hilliard are dedicated to serving its clients.

Lawsuit Process - Hiring a Hilliard Dog Bite Lawyer - Free Consultation

After a free consultation and free case evaluation, a Hilliard, Ohio dog bite lawyer will be selected. Clients can specify a personal injury attorney by request. The attorney and client will then go over the step-by-step process of filing a claim, going to trial, or reaching a settlement following a dog bite to pay for medical bills.

A lawyer-client starts with a mutual understanding of the situation. This is required for a strong partnership. The lawyer will listen to the injured or representative of the injured thoroughly. This will allow the dog bit attorney to grasp a picture of the true events that took place.

After these initial conversations, a bite lawyer will perform comprehensive research. The goal of such research would be to connect the dots of the case and craft a strong argument that cannot be ignored.

The attorney will recommend the best course of action and present all options to the client. A dog bite claim will then be filled. Depending on the magnitude of the injury, a settlement could be an attractive option.

A dog bite case can also result in criminal defense if a criminal trial is held. Fortunately, precedents have indicated that in most cases the liability rests with the malicious animal's owner or guardian.

Knowledge is Essential

Evidence is key. Critical information will always be shared with clients. Attorneys will discuss state regulations and precedents thoroughly with the bitten or a loved one. The attorney will provide a general education for the victim. He or she will offer counsel and advice. In addition, all communication between the attorney and client will remain confidential.

The Keating Hilliard Difference

The Keating Hilliard Difference

The attorney hired will ensure their client is handled with care. If the injured or a loved one of the injured has any questions, they will be answered thoroughly. The injured or representative of the injured and lawyer can meet as many times as necessary to collaborate on the most effective case argument or settlement request. Damages can be in the thousands of dollars. This secure compensation can be a life-changing positive in a negative situation. Keating lawyers will negotiate on the behalf of victims.

Free Consultation

The attorneys at Keating Hilliard Oh want to be helpful to clients and support them with their personal injury claims. That is why the firm is adamant about offering a free consultation right from the beginning. Clients are not just a number, but an appreciated partner.

Care is Essential

The Keating Ohio team are caring and professional individuals who choose to do this line of work for a reason. No matter the time of day, attorneys will have accessible communication in the case of emergencies.

Compensation is Typical in These Cases

In most cases, compensation of some kind will be rewarded in an animal personal injury case. It's true, the costs associated with dog bites including medical bills can be astonishing! Lost wages are another challenge. When an individual is bitten and suffers an injury, they can pursue a compelling case to be well compensated.

This Team Fights for the Rights of Clients

Every Hilliard dog bite lawyer employed by Keating Hilliard Law Firm will fight tirelessly for a win, and ultimately justice. Each injured individual or his or her family in the worst case of wrongful death is entitled to both a criminal and civil trial. A Columbus Ohio dog bite attorney will use all available resources to effectively argue against the criminal defense team. An owner of a malicious dog is a negligent criminal!

Many Services are Available

Keating Law Firm in Hilliard/Columbus, Ohio offers a variety of different services and related practice areas. Its dog bite attorneys are a high quality and experienced group of individuals ready to claim compensation for the attacked. Injuries caused by dog bites are not something to take lightly.

Highly Recommended

The animal attack attorney team has been highly recommended by past clients and is ready to build a strong case. Keating Hilliard Oh lawyers are entrusted by many clients a year. Every dog bite attorney will have the best interest of clients in mind with every action they complete on said client's behalf.

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Contact Today!

One can contact a Keating Firm LTD. Hilliard Ohio attorney today by calling (844) 333-7243. Fax or email claim details now to get a free case evaluation revolving around an animal personal injury incident. The Keating Firm LTD. office is located near Columbus, Ohio.


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