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Workers Compensation Lawyers Columbus Ohio

Workers' compensation or "workers comp" is a right that all workers in this country have. However, sometimes insurance companies want to save money and take advantage of people who don't know any better.


This is why anyone who had an injury at work should immediately call their trustworthy lawyer to guide them through getting a proper workers' comp and ensure their rights are always respected.

What Is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' comp is a benefit given to any worker who gets injured or becomes ill while doing their job. It is government-mandated, which ensures that all companies in the country provide this benefit to their workers. Moreover, this type of insurance can offer a wide variety of compensation, such as money, healthcare, and modifications to the victim's workspace to make it safer to use.


Sometimes, when workers get injured, they can't do their regular job for quite a while, which can be very scary as they aren't going to be receiving any money either. That's why workers comp gives partial wage replacement to make up for the time the person can't work. Moreover, the insurance company should also pay for any medical expenses that may be required.


These programs are usually provided by private insurance companies that employers hire. However, there are also federal programs for federal employees, such as the Black Lung Program.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers' compensation benefits can be pretty varied, as this is going to depend on the state the worker lives in. However, it must always be considered that sometimes not all workers can opt for workers’ comp, and other times they need to meet specific criteria.


Moreover, an experienced attorney can always check which benefits apply and how their client can get the best out of them. Still, the most common benefits are the following.

Salary Replacement

This benefit consists of paying the employee part of their total salary during the time they can't work. Usually, this salary replacement is about half or two-thirds of the total salary.


However, this benefit isn't taxable, which is an excellent opportunity to compensate for some losses.

Healthcare Cost Reimbursement and Survivor Benefits

Another great benefit is the complete coverage of any injury or health-related costs. However, the employee must prove that those expenses are strictly related to the injury.


Other options for this are paying indefinite sick pay during their medical leave or reimbursing their relatives if the worker dies due to the incident.

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Types of Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers' compensation claims can be classified depending on the severity, but it is essential to know all its types to understand what kind of benefit the victim can opt for.


These tend to be the most accessible claim, as they refer to mild injuries that require simple procedures and allow the worker to return to their regular job almost immediately. Although these claims may seem too superficial, it is crucial to mention them, as these injuries are most likely going to require treatment and a visit to the doctor, so the insurance company should pay for those expenses.

Temporary Partial Disability

When a temporary partial disability takes place, it means that the worker must be absent from work during a specific period as they cannot perform their current duties. However, if the worker agrees, they could work on lighter assignments. Moreover, the insurance company must cover their medical expenses during this time.

Temporary Total Disability

A temporary total disability is a huge deal, as it means that the worker cannot work or do any of their regular activities. These disabilities require the worker to completely recover their faculties to return to work.

Moreover, the insurance company should cover all medical costs, including physical rehabilitation and extra expenses such as professional chiropractors and wheelchairs.

Permanent Partial Disability

Permanent partial disability claims refer to permanent injuries that prevent workers from doing their regular jobs. Usually, these workers are fired from the company, as they aren't going to be able to do the task they were hired for.


However, during the time they're unemployed, they're going to keep receiving benefits from the workers' comp, as they are physically unable to work and earn money. Therefore, they don't have to worry about paying for medical expenses or not receiving income.

Permanent Total Disability

Permanent total disabilities compensation is offered when the worker completely loses their ability to work and earn money, and medical experts have already determined that they are never going to recover it.


These cases work the same as the previous ones, as the worker is going to be compensated by paying all their medical expenses and replacement wages. However, they are also going to get a loss-of-earning-benefit during a specific time that should be settled with a lawyer.


When workers die due to a working-related accident, their relatives are entitled to receive compensation for the loss of their loved one and any possible financial repercussions they may face.

In most cases, the insurance company must pay for funeral expenses and a determined amount of money that is going to work as compensation. However, a licensed attorney must deal with these cases to get the best possible result for the victim's family.

Vocational Rehabilitation

This is a unique benefit given to workers who wish to return to their regular duties, so they're offered rehabilitation services, training, and any other expenses that may be needed to return to work.

Bottom Line

When someone gets hurt at their job, it is the employer's responsibility to provide workers' comp to their employee. If someone is going to deal with physical repercussions due to their job, the least an employer can do is cover their financial expenses.


Nonetheless, some places don't do this, which is why all workers should have a trustworthy lawyer who they can call when things get rough. That's when The Keating Firm comes into the picture, as we have a team filled with professional lawyers who are ready to bring justice to anyone who needs it.

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