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What to do during the First Meeting with a Car Accident Attorney

Many have had to wonder what the first meeting with their car accident attorney will be like. Like going on a blind date, you have some precautions and information to prepare to enhance the work’s progress. Once you’re sure about the attorney’s personality and experience, the next step is a physical or online meeting to discuss the crucial issues surrounding the case. More about Llano, TX can be seen here.

Here are some of the requirements for the meeting:

Case Evaluation

The first question from the attorney is to give a detailed explanation about the incident. After all, the lawyer was not present during the incident, so he has no details about the accident. Then and there, you’ll discuss the impact of the accident on yourself, other victims, and your car. The attorney will need all this information to evaluate the case and give an estimate for the repair. Information about What not to say to an Insurance Adjuster can be found here.


To further aid the work of the attorney, you will need to present some documents. They may include insurance papers, pictures of the car showing the extent of damage, details of other parties involved in the case, etc.


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