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What not to say to an Insurance Adjuster

Before hiring an attorney after an accident, you may get pressured to speak with or meet with an insurance adjuster. This is not advisable. However, when the situation cannot be avoided, you have to be careful of some agreement or things during the meeting. This may be used against you when the attorney now begins to work on getting your recovery fee. Information can be found here.

Here are few things to avoid saying:

Acceptance of Fault

You have to avoid admitting the fault. This is because the insurance company will take it as an accident caused by personal negligence. Once this is established, the case can be discharged without any payment of compensation. Read about What do you do after an Accident here.

Signing Agreement

Also, you may be presented with a medical release form for signing. You have to avoid signing this form because it allows the company to view your medical records. This can be used to lay a claim to the cause of your suffering. They may attribute the underlying medical conditions as the cause of your admission. Before signing any form, ensure you read and understand perfectly; sometimes, you can seek legal advice.


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