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The City of Pickerington, Ohio

Pickerington, Ohio is the first city on the west bank of the Scioto River. It is located in Franklin and Fairfield counties of the central portion of the state of Ohio. It was originally founded in 1815, named for Andrew Jackson, after his historic trip to the area. Jackson loved it because he discovered that the region was rich in limestone, which is an important ingredient for building things. During his presidency, Jackson created a national park there. Information concerning Gahanna, OH can be discovered here.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Pickerington's population began to increase, and it became a popular destination for families. The town grew by leaps and bounds and by the end of the century, it was known as the "Paris of the Midwest." There were a number of industrial buildings that rose to prominence in the area. Pickerington also produced a large amount of lumber and manufactured a variety of goods. People flocked to the area for jobs and a comfortable place to live. The railroad industry also began to expand in Pickerington during this time, making it an attractive place to live. Information about Pataskala, Ohio is a Beautiful Small City in Ohio can be found here.

The area quickly became the center of attention for those who desired to relocate to Pickerington, Ohio in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. This is because of its relatively high per capita income and excellent education levels. Pickerington was one of the cities that was considered to be a cultural hub, thanks to the many art museums and music venues that can be found there. The city was also known to have some of the best shopping and dining in the entire United States. In addition to being a well-known tourist attraction, Pickerington was a thriving center for the automobile industry.


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