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Pataskal, Ohio is a Beautiful Small City in Ohio

Pataskala, Ohio is located just 18 miles from the town of Cleveland. Pataskala is an economically depressed area, which is why many people have settled there. The unemployment rate is around thirty percent. While it is a poor part of the state, it is home to a great many retirees and their families. They all want to be near the conveniences of life that are provided by modern day living in Cleveland, such as shopping and restaurants. Find further facts here.

Pataskala has a lot to offer. There are many attractions that are located near the center of the community. These include a public park, a golf course, and other recreational facilities. The center is filled with stores and businesses. Most of them are locally owned and operated, and they provide a wealth of services. Pataskala also has its own library and several restaurants that serve locally grown food. Read about Minerva Park, Ohio here.

The majority of the population in Pataskal is Irish. Many of them are first-generation immigrants. There is a high level of social interaction among the citizens of this area, and this is one of the main reasons why many people are attracted to it. They find the area to be a very welcoming community.


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