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Minerva Park, Ohio

Minerva Park, Ohio is a small village in Franklin County, Ohio. The population in 2010 was 1,272. This quaint community of country charm has its roots in 1839. The residents enjoy many of the same things that have kept the town so successful throughout its history. Residents are friendly and willing to help others. They have a vibrant business district that includes local businesses, banks, restaurants, and other businesses of all types. The residents have a healthy sense of pride in their community and its ability to succeed despite the sometimes harsh economic climate of our nation. Click here for facts about Gahanna, OH.

This community is also a good place to raise children. A large part of the charm of Minerva Park, Ohio comes from how well-liked it is by those who live nearby. Children enjoy the school that is located within the boundaries of the community. The school is a very popular choice for families who want to keep their children close to home. It is a wonderful option for the parent with a busy schedule. There are many parents who live in the surrounding area who opt to have their children attend this school, because of the many positive benefits that come with the place. Click here to read about A Small Community in Ohio County - Jersey, OH.

The real draw of Minerva Park, Ohio is the many reasons why it is so appealing. Located in the heart of central Ohio, it is near many of the major areas of employment in the area. The main attractions of the community are the many activities that it offers residents. These include the many businesses that are located here. Residents enjoy the many restaurants and shopping centers that are located in the area. Families love the way that they are welcomed into the community. The neighborhoods have many features that make them such an attractive option for people who want to live in a community that offers a certain type of quality in life.

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