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A Small Community in Ohio County - Jersey, OH

Updated: Jan 18

Jersey, Ohio is located in Ohio County and is a quaint community on the shores of Lake Erie. The largest town of Jersey, Ohio is called Licking County. This community is home to about thirty thousand people. Most of the people living here are active in local businesses, which are mostly employed by the steel mill industry and other manufacturing industries. See more here.

The majority of Jersey, Ohio has a lot of land for farming and some of this land is very large. There are also some nice forests in this area. There are two major streams running through this area and one of the streams is the Cuyahoga River. Some of the streams flowing through Jersey, Ohio is the Sandusky River and the Scioto River. There are also many small streams that run through the area. See here for information about Hospitals in Harlem, Ohio - World Class Hospital.

As stated earlier Jersey is a small town. There are not many residents that live in Jersey, Ohio that do not work in the steel mill industry. This means that there is a large number of jobs for residents of this small town to work. The steel mill has a large payroll and pays very well. Many people that work in this industry make quite a bit of money. Most of the people that work in this industry come from all over the world. This means that this industry will always have a steady job market.


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