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How Many Estimates Should I Get for a Car Accident - Essential Information

Updated: Jan 17

A car collision often involves many different things, and its effects can range from disadvantageous to devastating or even fatal. Once someone goes through it, they might ask a lot of questions, including how many estimates they should get. This article offers essential information on the matter, as well as who the person should hire to ensure they get the best outcomes possible.

Is One Estimate Enough from a Repair Shop?

Is One Estimate Enough from a Repair Shop?

When someone is in a car accident, there are many things they should keep in mind, especially if they want to guarantee they get the money they deserve for the car repair costs. Although there are many auto body shops out there, people should keep in mind that they must compare different factors before deciding.

Someone who's getting a repair estimate might wonder if it's good enough to visit one auto body shop only, especially if they've already talked to their insurance adjuster and they recommended it. However, that's not always the best idea.

Instead of solely trusting the insurance company to pick the first repair estimate, people should try to get at least two more. Three car repair costs estimates are much better than one alone, and they could compare all the alternatives, evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of each one, and choose the most convenient option.

A vehicle repair estimate is one of the most important things to deal with after a car accident, especially because it involves the auto insurance company and many other experts. Thus, people should not take the decision lightly and choose the first option they get.

The Driver's Insurance Company Might not Always Offer the Best Options

Being in a car accident is a very uncomfortable experience, especially because one or both parties might need to take the car to a repair shop and deal with their insurance company.

Car accident damage estimates are an essential part of the process after a collision occurs, and in many cases, people might believe the insurance company recommends the best option. While it is true that insurance companies have clients' cases in mind, adjusters are not responsible for what could happen in the repair shop.

In other words, if a person wants to get an honest estimate after a car collision, they should accept the suggestion offered by their insurance company agent, but also compare it to other alternatives.

Generally speaking, insurance companies often know which local repair shop options might be capable of dealing with the client's paperwork. At the same time, agents might know of separate repair shops that could also work. However, that's not always the case, which is why it's so important that the customer explores several picks before choosing one.

Getting estimates from three separate repair shops is enough if someone wants to ensure they make the best choice when they're getting their car fixed. Thus, car owners should always try to look beyond what the insurance company says, form their own opinion, and choose the option they believe it's most convenient.

It's important to state that the best way for clients to decide everything regarding their car repair is to get legal advice, which is what the car accident lawyer at The Keating Firm LTD is for. Experienced and knowledgeable experts are ready to help a client with his or her automobile accident, deal with their insurance provider, and much more.

Collision Repair Shops Offer the Best Estimates

Once a person knows how many estimates they should get for their car repair before deciding, they might start wondering which auto shops offer the best ones. After all, they probably want to ensure everything goes well in the repair process.

Auto repair work is not hard to find in different car body shop alternatives, but the best alternative to get collision coverage estimates is going to collision repair shops.

Many people might believe the average cost for vehicle damage after an accident is easy to calculate, but that's not the case, especially when there's an insurance claim involved and there are other factors to keep in mind.

Overall, repair shops specializing in collisions can offer a quality estimate because professionals working there are familiar with many auto accident types. Consequently, they might be very attentive and give top suggestions when it comes to car repairs.

Comparing Multiple Estimates

Clearly, getting more than one estimate is always a good idea, and it's essential to do it before speaking to the other driver's insurance company claims adjuster. However, clients might not know how to compare different alternatives.

A good idea is to compare the three car repair estimates they got. Once they determine the most expensive and the cheapest one, they might want to discuss with their lawyer and choose the option in the middle.

Another common thing to do is to add the three repair estimates, divide the total by three, and choose that number when dealing with the insurance company.

People should always keep in mind that car repair estimates are not fixed prices, which is why they're called that way. If someone wants to get their vehicle fixed without issues, they must be patient during the process after the auto accident, ensure they're getting an accurate estimate, and guarantee that it's adequately paid.

Basing Estimate Only on Price

There are many factors people should keep in mind when they file an insurance claim and evaluate different estimates for the car damages their vehicles sustained.

On many occasions, people believe the price is the only aspect of estimates they should keep in mind. However, that's not the case. An auto insurance company could, for example, recommend a repair shop that charges an extremely cheap price compared to its competitors. If that happens, the client must be wary - they might not be happy with the results.

An opposite situation would be for an insurance company to suggest a repair shop that clearly overprices its services (they might charge for things the client doesn't need or the labor may be very expensive).

Consequently, the client must evaluate all factors when choosing a specific estimate, which is why hiring a legal expert to guide them through the process is so important.

Some drivers choose to pay for some repairs from their own pocket, which is within their rights. Thus, instead of going with the highest estimate or the lowest one, they could talk to the insurer and explain what they want.

Working with a Legal Expert

Working with a Legal Expert

Hiring a legal expert to deal with everything related to an auto accident is one of the best choices someone could do, especially if they want to get helpful tips from a professional who knows how to manage the process.

In some cases, clients suffer the consequences of not being prepared during the process, for example, they let the insurance company delay the repairs, which is a common strategy among insurers who want the person to choose an auto shop that gave a substantially lower estimate.

If someone wants to get their repairs done in a shop that offered a high estimate, they must work with a lawyer, who can passionately defend their case and ensure they choose a place with a good reputation and a history of top-quality work.

The job of the car experts is to fix the client's vehicle and then demand reimbursement for their services, whereas the auto insurance professionals have to deal with the financial aspect of it. A lawyer, on the other hand, can examine all the factors in the client's case, evaluate what happened, and offer the best suggestions to ensure they get the outcomes they deserve.

Attorneys can give much more than three helpful tips when they're guiding clients, especially because they're aware of all the hardships they may be going through when dealing with auto insurance experts, the outcomes of the crash, and so on. A lawyer is not only a guide but also a human being that can empathize with the client's need to finish the process and get the justice they deserve.

Although dealing with auto insurance professionals and choosing a single estimate might be challenging for some people, once they file their insurance claim, they must already have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer by their side, for example, the ones at The Keating Firm LTD.

There are different lawyers out there, but the ones at The Keating Firm LTD are ready to help people through their process, passionately defend their case, and ensure they get the outcomes they're aiming for. They may ensure the client keeps all options in mind, suggest the best alternatives, and guarantee that the insurer can pay the amount of money the person requires.

Final Thoughts

When someone is in a car collision, they might feel confused, scared, angry, and very lost, especially once they file a claim and start their process. In many cases, people wonder how many estimates they should get before deciding. Even though the answer is always 'at least three,' the best way to have beneficial outcomes is to hire a legal expert to guide them through the process.


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