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How Long Does It Take to Get Car Fixed After Accident?

Updated: Jan 17

Getting involved in a car accident is dangerous, and many people could get injured because of it. In the best-case scenario, no one in the accident got injured, but people still need to pay for car repairs and go through the entire repair process.

If the victim wins the case, it's most likely that the insurance company is going to address the situation, and that includes car repairs. However, that could take time, so people need to be patient and wait for their car to be ready.

Not everyone knows how much time they can expect the insurance company or repair shop to repair everything, so they get anxious and don't know what to do. This article shows the reader the average time a repair shop takes to repair a car after an accident.

It's important to know that this is only an average, but it could take more or less. The best to do if it takes much more time than expected is to contact the insurance company and ask it to take the car to another repair shop or to give another repair estimate.

A Columbus car accident attorney is prepared to help victims deal with a car insurance company or liable parties in an accident, so it's always a good thing to hire a personal injury attorney when being part of a vehicle accident. The Keating Law Firm is always available for everyone looking forward to suing a negligent driver!

Does the Insurance Company Pay Off the Repair Shop After a Car Accident?

Does the Insurance Company Pay Off the Repair Shop After a Car Accident?

The short answer is that it depends. When someone needs to repair a car after an accident, they first need to let the claims adjuster study the vehicle to know who is at fault in a car accident in an intersection. After that, both parties need to go through the whole legal process and see who wins the case.

If someone can prove they are the victims and need to repair their car after an accident, the car insurance company needs to pay for the body shop and give the victim a repair estimate to let them know how much time they are going to wait to get their car fixed.

However, one of the most important parts of the whole process is that the claims adjuster correctly checks the car and tells insurance companies the current situation. Therefore, any car after an accident can't be repaired or changed during the investigation.

It's best for everyone to have their car towed to the body shop, tow yard, or residence. The victim's insurance provider may try to prove the extensive damage suffered by the car happened after or before the accident to avoid paying for anything. Considering that, it's critical to take pictures of everything as soon as the accident happens.

How Long Does It Take the Auto Body Shop to Fix a Car?

Getting to the part of this article, it's time to know how much time people can expect the auto repair shop to get their car fixed after an accident. It's accurate to say that it depends on where insurance companies take the vehicle and how much damage that vehicle withheld.

If it's just a broken windshield, the victim can get their car repaired the same day they take it to the auto shop. Nonetheless, things such as minor auto bodywork or bumper damage may take at least two days.

All auto body shops tend to take the same time to perform a car repair, but not all of them have the same work on their plate. That means it may take longer to get a vehicle accident car repaired if the body shop has other cars to take care of.

Extensive car damage can delay repairs. A replacement of internal elements, for example, can take one week or two. A car repair of multiple parts of the vehicle can take over a month.

Summarizing it all, people could say that vehicle repairs can take just a few days if the car only withheld minor damage, and it can take a few months if the vehicle needs replacement parts.

However, even if a car suffered extensive damage, no one should expect it to take more than a few months, and if that were to happen, car owners have to do something about it.

Some other things can delay how long insurance providers can take to repair a car, and one of them is if the vehicles involved are foreign cars. When this happens, the insurance provider gives the victim longer estimated repair times since finding car parts of foreign cars is more difficult for everyone.

The same happens with cars of a limited edition, and sometimes it's even more difficult to find car parts of those models. Therefore, lawsuits involving vehicles of a limited edition are worth much more money and have special considerations when the insurance provider takes them to a mechanic.

Can People Fix Their Own Car After an Accident?

No, a car owner can't repair their car. If the car owners repair the chair themselves, they have to pay for all the repair costs.

However, there's no need f0r accident cars owners to repair the car if they can wait longer and let the insurance company hire a professional mechanic to take care of collision damage.

If victims are worried about not having a car in case there's a family emergency, they can always pay for a rental car in the meanwhile. Fortunately, unless the car suffered from significant damage, the time body shops take to repair vehicles is not that long.

What to Do If the Auto Body Shop Takes Too Much Time to Fix the Car

As it was mentioned before, the time a car takes to get fixed after an accident depends on many factors, but everything mostly takes just a few days to get solved. More difficult cases can take a few weeks, but that's not very common. If the process takes much more than expected, it means there's a problem with the car or with the body shop.

Unless there are additional repairs to get done, no one should wait more than a few months for car repairs. Therefore, victims need to contact the insurance company and ask it to move the care to an auto shop that doesn't take that much time to address the damage caused by the car collision.

When victims receive payment for an accident or collision coverage under an insurance policy, people need to take that very seriously. If not, victims could sue the insurance company and the auto body shop.

Is Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers Worth It?

Is Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers Worth It?

Absolutely! No one knows how helpful lawyers can be when a car accident happens. Knowing how to survive a car accident and asking for car repairs is one thing, but there are other factors people need to take into account before even thinking about repairing their car. The first step is to get total loss recovery, and that's when a personal injury lawyer comes in handy.

Not hiring a personal injury lawyer means losing the possibility to sue the liable party and get money to fix any car involved in an accident. On the other hand, paying a law firm to take of the situation can lead the victim to get coverage for repairs, medical treatments, and even pain and suffering.

When someone sues another person after a car crash, many people think the process is easy, and they don't have to wait for that much to finish it. They couldn't be further from reality since the first thing to do is to file a lawsuit against the negligent party and then wait for a response.

Everything is easier if both cars were left unchanged, but if someone meddled with them, the insurance company can take the whole case down. Most negligent drivers use their lawsuit response to make a counter-offer.

When that happens, both parties need to have a reunion to negotiate and try to get to an agreement. If they can't, lawyers can take the case to trial, which takes even more time. Considering all that, personal injury lawyers are one of the best investments victims can make after a car crash.

Wrapping Up

As this article showed, car accidents are complex and a nuisance for everyone involved in them. Therefore, people need all the help they can get to get out of them in the best way possible.

Personal injury lawyers are highly experienced when it comes to getting coverage to repair cars after an accident, so anyone looking forward to suing negligent drivers and getting compensation for car repairs should hire one. However, hiring a vehicle accident attorney that is not qualified for the job would only lead victims to lose the case to the insurance company and the negligent driver.

Fortunately, the Keating Law Firm is always available for anyone in need of legal advice or assistance after a car crash. The only thing victims need to do to contact this law firm is to go to its website and call its contact number to get a free consultation for their case!


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