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How to Survive a Car Accident - Full Guide

Updated: Jan 17

Everyone knows car crashes are sudden, and in many cases, they surprise the people behind the wheel. However, there are still some factors drivers must remember if they want to guarantee their safety while driving. The next guide includes several suggestions to follow in these cases.

What People Must Keep in Mind to Survive a Car Crash

What People Must Keep in Mind to Survive a Car Crash

Preparing for a car crash is almost impossible because the person has no idea of when it can occur, and how serious it can get. However, there are a few aspects they can remember if they care about safety while they're driving, and these factors can make an immense difference if someone is in a collision.

Always Focus on Driving

The first thing people should remember is to focus on their driving while they're doing it. Getting distracted is immensely easy, especially if the person is tired, doing something, or simply letting their thoughts wander off.

Nonetheless, generally speaking, people must try to focus on the road while they're behind the wheel. If they do that, the chances of getting involved in a car crash automatically decrease since they're aware of upcoming vehicles.

When someone focuses on the road, for example, they might even be able to avoid head-on collisions if they see them coming before they happen. Thus, they could prevent a serious injury.

Don't Speed

Sometimes the need to get somewhere or simply the wish to move quickly makes people forget about essential aspects to avoid serious injuries, for instance, respecting the speed limits.

Speed limits exist for a reason, and even though they are part of the traffic laws, automobile accidents are often a result of drivers not respecting the boundaries.

The truth is that someone could easily lose control of the vehicle if they are speeding. Consequently, if they wish to survive a car crash, driving at a safe velocity is crucial.

People Must Wear a Seat Belt

Clearly, cars include regular and optional safety features drivers must keep in mind. Seat belts are one of the most standard ones, and people behind the steering wheel always have to adjust them to guarantee they're safe.

Wearing a seat belt could make a huge difference, especially if something causes the driver to lose control of the car. Research crash test results show that people with the seat belt fastened suffer from fewer injuries, even when the accident appears imminent.

Although there are no rules when it comes to someone trying to survive a car accident, taking advantage of the safety features of the car and fastening the seat belt is a fantastic way to be secure while driving.

Drivers Mustn't Do Anything Else While Driving

Clearly, doing different things while driving is very dangerous and could cause a car crash. If someone, for example, is constantly turning to look at their passengers on the back seat, they could lose sight of the road and get involved in a collision.

When an individual is behind the steering wheel, they must commit to paying attention to everything that might occur. Therefore, they shouldn't do anything else. Texting, organizing objects inside the car, and engaging in any other action besides driving could lead to dangerous or even fatal consequences.

Paying Attention at Intersections Is Essential

Each driver must pay attention to the road while they're behind the wheel, but when they're crossing intersections, they should be even more careful.

A car accident can happen in many circumstances, but intersections are particularly prone to be the place where they occur. Extensive crash-test ratings show that many people try to run stop signs or they don't notice pedestrians when they're driving through intersections, which is why they should be extremely careful.

On many occasions, the person cannot do anything once the car strikes another vehicle, person, or object. However, safe driving habits could make a huge difference, and considering oncoming traffic, especially in intersections, is one of the best ones to foster.

People Should Be Aware of Bicyclists and Pedestrians

In different cases, a car accident occurs because the person behind the wheel forgets about foot traffic. Clearly, when someone has a million things going through their mind and they're trying to focus on the road and possible upcoming vehicles, they might forget something important - people and bicyclists coming their way.

Pedestrians and bicyclists involved in a car crash might make the issue worse, and people may even need to contact emergency services if someone is injured. Therefore, although some car accidents might be inevitable, drivers should pay attention to possible people or cyclists coming their way.

Drivers Should Guarantee Their Car Is Safe

It's sometimes a challenge to be aware of everything once the car starts, but driving a safe vehicle is one of the most important things to avoid dangerous or fatal car accidents.

A car crash can happen on many occasions, but numerous vehicle collisions are the result of malfunctioning cars.

Consequently, driving a safe car is essential. To do that, people must guarantee they regularly check their vehicle, their lights work, and the car's engine is functioning perfectly.

Storing Potential Projectiles Is Never a Bad Idea

Anything inside a car could be a potential projectile if a car accident occurs. As has been mentioned before, sometimes people can't avoid crashes. Therefore, trying to diminish their possible consequences is a way to guarantee the safety of the people inside the vehicle.

If someone, for example, is carrying a laptop in the middle seat, if they have big objects or boxes, they should try to properly store them inside the vehicle or in the trunk of the car.

In that case, if car crashes are inevitable, the person can make sure that nothing hits them while they crash. Any flying object could be very dangerous during a crash, so storing everything can guarantee both the driver's and the object's safety.

An Auto Survival Tool and First Aid Kit Could Change Everything

When dangerous car accident cases occur, people might be trapped inside their vehicles. Thus, a survival tool and a first aid kit might be very useful.

The person might need to cut their seat belt or break their window, for instance, so they might need a seat belt cutter or a glass breaker to get out of the vehicle. At the same time, if they sustain injuries, using a first aid kit to stop any bleeding could be of help as well.

Calling for medical assistance and police services is essential when a car accident occurs, but even so, a first aid kit and a survival tool could help a person if professionals are not there at the specific moment of the crash.

People Should Avoid Sudden Movements

Driving should be a completely natural process when the person behind the wheel is experienced enough to be out on the road. Good habits include not making any sudden movements because the person could lose control of the vehicle, and they could also surprise or scare the drivers near them and cause a crash.

In some cases, sudden movements are necessary to avoid a car accident. Nonetheless, generally speaking, the driver should not do anything rash or impulsive.

They Should Guarantee Passengers Are Wearing Seat Belts

Seat belts and proper child restraints are essential for all passengers, especially if there are kids inside the vehicle. Surviving a car accident does not only include the safety of the driver but also the security of everyone else in the car.

Even though it's difficult (and perhaps impossible) to drive the safest car in the world, people can guarantee others' safety by telling them to fasten their seat belts. They can also keep their children safe in special seats.

Aim for the Least Damaging Object

Sometimes, a car accident is inevitable, and people might face the uncomfortable feeling of having to quickly decide what to hit. When that occurs, they should try to aim for the least damaging object in the vicinity.

If possible, for example, hitting a clump of bushes is a much better idea than colliding with a car in oncoming traffic. However, sometimes things are not that easy, and there might not be any options.

Overall, people should try to avoid big trees, road signs, secure immovable objects like concrete barriers, and any head-on collision, at least as much as they can.

Drivers Should Remain in Control of the Vehicle or Try to Regain it

Keeping a calm mind when someone is about to be in a car accident could make an immense difference, and in some cases, it could even be the fine line that divides living from having fatal consequences.

People should always remain in control of their car, and if they lose it, they should try to regain it. To do that, they should avoid sudden movements and never accelerate or use the brakes until their tires go back to normal.

In other words, if someone suddenly starts skidding, for instance, they should steer in the direction of the skid. Once the tires regain traction, they can either brake or accelerate again.

They Should Trust Their Brakes

Most vehicles nowadays include anti-lock brakes, which are designed to help the person if they need to quickly slow their vehicle down. The system is supposed to help drivers avoid being in a car accident. Therefore, they should completely trust it while they're behind the wheel.

Anti-lock brakes work when the person holds the brakes firmly and simply waits for the vehicle to slow down. On many occasions, the driver might feel the pedal vibrating, which means the system is working.

Acceleration Is Crucial

Knowing when to accelerate or pump the brakes is essential. It helps avoid collisions or try to prevent as much damage as possible.

Many people might believe they should never accelerate when they're behind the wheel, but this is not true in all cases. Sometimes, accelerating might actually be the right call to make, especially if it allows drivers to get out of the way.

Avoiding crashes or diminishing their potential consequences requires a combination of many factors. The driver must oblige traffic laws and road rules, but they should also have enough experience to quickly make the best decision under pressure.

People Should Stay in a Normal Driving Position

Hunching or moving out of the normal driving position is very dangerous because the person is not able to keep their eyes on the road. At the same time, if they are not sitting correctly behind the wheel and a crash is unavoidable, the injuries might be a lot worse.

The airbag and other safety features are in the car to work in a certain way, and if the driver is not sitting the way they should, the security measures might even cause them harm. They could, for example, get in the way of the airbag, hit their head on the steering wheel, and much more.

To avoid any dangerous injury and guarantee they're fostering good driving habits, they should sit upright while they're behind the wheel and keep their eyes on the road.

Hiring Experts Is Essential

Hiring Experts Is Essential

When car crashes occur, the person might be very confused, especially if they always cared about highway safety and driving security. The accident scene itself might be very complicated and even include serious injuries, and that could even result in emotional trauma. Not to mention, getting the car fixed after the accident can be expensive—which could be worse if the person loses their job because of the accident.

Fortunately, Columbus car accident attorneys are legal experts who have the knowledge, experience, and skills to help the client go through that, especially the ones at The Keating Firm. Vehicle accident attorneys can listen to the person's situation and assess their case to help them. If individuals want more information on the matter, they should contact the firm as soon as possible.


Some accidents are inevitable, but people might be able to prevent others or avoid serious injuries if they follow certain suggestions. Safety on the road is essential to guarantee someone lives after being in a vehicle collision, so individuals behind the wheel should always try to be secure while driving.


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