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Gahanna, OH is Overflowing with Museums

Exploring the Museums in Gahanna, OH

Whether in Columbus or Gahanna, you will find yourself at the center of multiple museum destinations. Make sure to bring the kids because some museums are important historical sites that you may visit and provide excellent educational information for kids. Some of the best museums to visit are listed here. Learn more here.

Blacklick Woods Nature Center

There are numerous year-round activities offered at the park. The park has activities for people of all ages, including hiking, biking, rollerblading, or jogging on the park's paths, bird watching at the nature center, reading a book by Ashton Pond, going to a park-sponsored nature program, having a picnic, or playing kickball or Frisbee in a large open area.Learn more about Gahanna, OH is an Eventful Town.

National Veterans Museum and Memorial

Its objective is to preserve and honor those who served in American wars. In addition, the museum houses a sizable collection of images, tools, weaponry, and artifacts related to American military history.

HighBanks Metro Park Nature Center

One of the most visited parks in Metro Parks Gahanna is Highbanks Metro Park, with good reason. A vast and varied network of paths in the park takes you past meadows, Indian burial mounds, deep woodlands, and shale ravines on your way to an overlook atop the park's renowned bluffs.


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