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Gahanna, OH is an Eventful Town

Joyous Events in Gahanna

There are plenty of events in Fresno city that you and your loved ones can attend while you are there, whether you are a local living in Fresno,` a passerby, or a visitor. You don't have to wait until the weekend to enjoy the events in Fresno because the city is filled with natural talents. More can be found here.

The discussion of a few of these incidents follows.

Ride and Wrench

The Ride and Wrench event host introductory bike maintenance clinics and group rides. The event aims to teach individuals basic skills. There is provision for refreshments and hospitality. If you are in Gahanna, this is the event to attend. Learn more about Gahanna, OH is a Military Base Town.

Creekside Hops and Vines Fest

It is an annual celebration hosted by KEMBA Financial Credit Union. It is a joyous occasion for celebrating local establishments as they fundraise for Gahanna Parks and Recreation. It is an outdoor affair that most people attend.

Midweek at Creekside

It is a weekly celebration that features live music. The event is to bring people together and enjoy the time in the evening. It is a fun occasion for your family and friends to enjoy and create memories.


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