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Compensations You Might Be Entitled to in an Injury Case

In an injury case, you are entitled to maximum compensation from the entity or person legally responsible for your injuries. In this post, The Keating Firm Ltd has looked at what compensation might be available to you if you pursue a personal injury claim. Information concerning Gahanna, OH can be discovered here.

Medical Expenses

Injuries often require medical attention. The medical bills may add up quickly depending on the severity of the injuries. Luckily, you are entitled to reimbursement for all medical expenses that result from your injuries. Better still, you are entitled to future medical expenses as well. Information about Factors Affecting the Payout of Your Injury Claim can be found here.

Lost Income

You are also rightfully entitled to reimbursement for lost wages or income due to your injuries. For instance, if you cannot go to work for a month because your wrist was injured in an accident caused by another entity, you are entitled to the income you would have earned during that period.

Physical Pain and Suffering

Medical expenses do not include pain and suffering! Physical pain and suffering can be subjective, and that’s why insurance agencies and juries rely on various factors to determine its value. They consider the type of injury, medication prescribed, length of recovery, and permanence of the injuries.


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