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What Happens If You Get in a Car Accident with Only a Permit?

Most people know what happens when they get into a car accident since the process is almost always the same. Normally, both parties ask themselves for their personal information, check if they have any injury, and ask for compensation for what happened. One's insurance adjusters cover damages if everyone in the accident was a licensed driver.

Nonetheless, things change when the driver only has a learner's permit. Young drivers with a learner's permit always drive next to their parents or guardian since they can help them in case of an accident, but many of the accidents provoked by a teenager happen because they were driving with no supervision.

Teenagers, under any circumstances, should not drive alone, even if they have a learner's permit. However, it's important everyone knows what to do if they get into an accident with a young driver. Regardless of what happens, they are most likely to need legal assistance.

The Columbus auto accident lawyers at Keating Firm LTD are always available for drivers who got hit by a teenager or guardians who got into a car accident in Columbus, OH. Inexperienced drivers can get into a lot of trouble if they don't have someone to help them, so teenagers should know this information, too.

Can Underaged Drivers Drive with Only a Learner's Permit?

Can Underaged Drivers Drive with Only a Learner's Permit?

Yes, underaged drivers can drive even if they don't have a driver's license since they can take a driving test to get a provisional license. Nonetheless, their guardian needs to drive with them at all times to prevent any accident from happening.

Provisional licenses work the same as a regular driver's license since the only thing that changes is they need to drive with their legal guardian. Laws vary depending on the state where people get the license, but legal experts recommend people with a provisional driver's permit get car insurance.

Underaged drivers can get car insurance even if they are not driving their own car, such as a rental car. However, that insurance coverage is not under their name since they are part of their guardian's insurance policy. Therefore, they need to drive with that guardian in their own vehicle for the car insurance to apply.

Some states require underaged drivers to get auto insurance, and since insurance companies follow state law, they automatically add drivers with a permit to their guardian's auto insurance policy. However, those policies don't always cover everything that may happen in an accident.

Considering that, it's best for parents to always ask their insurance companies what they can cover in case their children get into an accident. Several insurance companies require guardians to go there and fill some forms before adding their children to insurance policies. Doing this can save those parents a lot of money in case of an accident.

What Happens When Drivers with Only a Permit Get into a Car Accident?

Everything depends on if the driver was driving recklessly, had a permit, and was added to their guardian's insurance policy. If they didn't have a permit, their parents can get into serious law problems. Underaged drivers with a permit go through the same process as the one that happens in a regular accident if they were insured.

Thus, they have to take all the information they can from the accident scene and call for legal assistance to prove they were the victims of the crash or for information about legalities such as if it is legal to drive barefoot. Naturally, they have to do all those things while having their legal guardians by their side.

Underaged drivers can also get compensation for a car accident if the traffic court decides they were the victims of it. Nonetheless, things can change a little if the driver with a full license was the victim of the accident.

One of the problems of drivers with a permit getting into a car crash is insurance rates can raise after that accident, even if future accidents are caused by a person with a driver's license.

Things get worse when the teenager driving the car was texting while driving, recklessly driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Those cases always end with the other driver winning the case and the other person's insurance company paying for everything.

However, if the insurance company can't cover the damage the teenager driver caused, the kid's guardian needs to pay for everything, and that includes personal injury compensation.

Can Victims of a Car Accident Ask for Compensation If the Driver Was Underaged?

Can Victims of a Car Accident Ask for Compensation If the Driver Was Underaged?

Absolutely! Any victim of a car collision can file a personal injury claim regardless of who hit them. However, if the other driver only has a permit, the fully licensed driver needs to do some things before filing a lawsuit.

The first thing they need to know is they can't directly file a lawsuit against a teenager. Depending on how the other person sees it, that teenager was the victim of not being well-educated on how traffic laws work and what they can and can't do. Therefore, the victim needs to file a lawsuit against the driver's legal guardians.

People can notice that by learning about the family car doctrine. What this doctrine says is the owner of a car vehicle is held liable for an accident and needs to pay for any compensation the law requires them to even if they weren't driving their car.

The family car doctrine only applies if the vehicle driver is a family member of the vehicle owner. Some people think that's unfair, but things change when they notice that the vehicle owner gave the car to someone that is not ready to drive it at that time, which indirectly caused the accident.

Bottom Line

No one should let a teenager drive without supervision. They naturally need to learn how to drive by driving, but no one can let them do it alone if they aren't ready for it. Some accidents only end up with car damage, but many young drivers lose their life due to driving without supervision and only a permit.

Regardless of which side of the accident they are, anyone involved in a car crash caused by a teenager in Columbus, OH, can contact the Keating Firm LTD to get a free quote for the case.


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