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How Long Can I Keep My Rental Car After the Accident?

In most cases, a person can contact an insurance company to keep the rented vehicle until their current car is replaced, or the repair shop can complete the fix in a reasonable amount of time. Hiring a rental car can certainly make life less challenging for all parties involved after a car crash.

Whether an individual needs to take the children to school, work if they can, head to physical therapy, or doctor's appointments, having a rental car makes these things more straightforward. The Keating Law Firm LTD has been assisting people with this sometimes complicated process for years and is one of the most recommended firms in Ohio for cases of this nature.

When Can a Car Accident Victim Get a Rental Car?

When Can a Car Accident Victim Get a Rental Car?

When and how a person can get a rental car depends on which insurance company they are dealing with. Keating Firm LTD has a Columbus auto accident lawyer that can assist in obtaining the rental car required because it deals with these companies daily.

If someone has rental coverage under their own insurance company, its representatives will assist them with renting a car. It generally takes only a few days to get an automobile if their auto insurance pays out the required amount.

The first step would be to contact the insurance company to determine if the victim has purchased rental coverage. In most cases, rental coverage cannot be immediately added after a person has been in a wreck for covering the present-day accident.

If an individual has been in a car accident in Columbus, Ohio, the best thing to do would be to contact The Keating Firm LTD for a case evaluation.

The guilty party's insurance company is responsible for approving a car rental if the victim does not have rental coverage on their policy. That insurance company will establish liability by researching and assessing the wreck to determine if it will authorize a rental vehicle.

When insurance companies dispute liability on behalf of their insured driver, the above process may take a week or longer.

What Documents Do I Need to Rent a Car?

Before embarking on the procedure of getting a rental vehicle after a car accident, drivers must be aware of the documentation required. This information can help them be more prepared in the face of adversity or unscrupulous agents.

The victim will need the following to get a car from a rental company:

  • They need proof that they have full coverage insurance, which means collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. In most cases, the car insurance policy paperwork already covers this by ensuring the driver's coverage is sufficient. The rental company can also provide the victim with this coverage, but it will cost them extra money. There is no need to buy this from a rental company if a person's insurance company pays out the required fees.

  • Cash or credit card. Before lending a vehicle out, most rental companies require a cash deposit or credit card. When the person returns the car in good condition, their cash deposit is returned, or their credit card is not charged.

  • A valid Ohio driver's license is required. When someone collects a rental car for the first time, they must present their current license.

  • The person must be at least 25 years old. Due to rental car company regulations, younger adults are generally not allowed to rent a vehicle. This protects the rental company from any unforeseen circumstance when a more inexperienced driver rents its automobiles.

Before heading to the rental company at its local office or airport location, interested parties should make sure to contact the business to find out what paperwork it will need from them. This not only saves time but money in the long run.

Does a Person Have a Choice of Rental Cars?

The party paying for the rental is the one that determines the type of vehicle rented, and rightfully so. In most cases, the insurance company will approve a mid-size or compact rental car unless the person has unique needs, such as a van with wheelchair features.

It may depend on the individual's insurance company's settlement for a rental and how much the insurer is paid for this particular coverage.

Can a Person Get a Comparable Vehicle to Their Own Car?

Car insurance and rental insurance providers typically have a preferred car rental company. After a car crash, it isn't required that a rental car immediately comes from the driver's insurance provider or its recommended rental car company.

Nearly all states recognize the right of auto accident victims; insurance companies should cover rental cars comparable to the ones the driver lost. In most cases, the person's own car insurance policy must deliver a vehicle of similar stature, but usually don't do this.

Car accidents can be an uphill battle when filing an insurance claim. Rental reimbursement by the at-fault driver's insurance may be tampered with by the underhand tactics of an insurance adjuster. Regardless of the driver's entitlement, the insurance cover may supply them with an average rental instead of a luxury car.

Getting the at-fault driver rental reimbursement coverage or their auto insurance pay out can be a pain in the butt. That is why The Keating Firm LTD has been helping people claim from the at-fault driver's insurance and hire the car rentals they deserve.

However, if a person submits a property damage claim with their own insurance company, the auto insurance policy determines the rental car covered. This is one of the reasons it is so vital for an individual to use adequate car insurance.

How Long Can Someone Keep a Rental Car?

The business paying for the rental car coverage will decide this. Suppose a vehicle recently damaged is a total loss (meaning repairing it is not an excellent financial decision or it's no longer safe to drive). In that case, generally, a person can keep the automobile for five days after they have received a settlement offer.

If the automobile is considered repairable, the driver should keep the rental car until repairs are completed, and their vehicle is returned to them. Again, this is determined by the situation and can vary significantly from case to case.

Can Other People Drive the Rental Car?

Generally, the answer is no. However, there are exceptions, such as the covered driver cannot operate a vehicle due to injuries from the crash. A person should speak with various rental car companies to determine other options available to the driver or guardians.

Only the individual hiring the rental car can drive it, which is indicated on the paperwork signed once the rental car fees are established.

Some extra costs can come out of pocket if they require additional people to drive the vehicle. This can be well worth it, especially if the person is in a sticky situation after a car accident; a reliable and well-known rental car company will understand this.

Is the Insurance Company Required to Provide a Rental Car for the Driver?

Is the Insurance Company Required to Provide a Rental Car for the Driver?

No, an insurance company does not have to provide a rental car after someone has been in a car accident, and it only has to do this if the person has opted for rental car coverage.

There are options included that an insurance company provides, and they have been listed below:

  • The company hires a rental car for the individual. In most cases, an insurance company will hire a rental car and cover the expenses themselves so that there is no out-of-pocket cost to the driver.

  • Auto insurance makes the person pay for rental car fees upfront. People typically hire an automobile from a car rental company for a week or more, and it generally costs between $60 to $100 per day. This can strain their budget since the insurance company only pays the rental car reimbursement once the appropriate paperwork is provided.

  • Insurance policies pay the victim a "loss per day" amount. The driver's settlement is the amount for which an insurance company can rent a car. This is valid because both insurance companies and involved parties can get the vehicle for around the same price. However, many insurance companies will only give people seeking reimbursement for the out-of-pocket costs they have paid.

It is best to speak to the insurance company to find out its agreements regarding rental cars. The car rental company also gives drivers more information concerning rental car insurance on the rental vehicle.


Finding a replacement vehicle or performing collision repair takes a couple of days to a few weeks. That means an extended rental period needs to be covered either by a person's own insurance or the at-fault driver.

Additional insurance policies provide collision coverage or a car loan for a totaled vehicle. It all depends on the repair facility, body shops, and police reports about the accident-damaged vehicle.

The Keating Law Firm LTD has been assisting people in renting cars while their vehicle is in for repairs or awaiting a replacement. Contacting the firm is recommended for anyone in this type of challenging situation.

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