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Visit the Fascinating Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum In Gahanna

Visiting the Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum in Gahanna, Ohio is a must for any car enthusiast! This incredible automotive museum offers visitors a unique insight into the history and culture of the automobile, with an impressive collection that spans from the beginnings of the automobile industry through to modern times. Gahanna, OH can be seen at this link.


The Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum is located in the heart of downtown Gahanna, just outside of Columbus. It's easily accessible from the highway, with plenty of parking available. The facility is small but well-equipped, with a collection of more than 40 rare and classic cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The museum has permanent staff members and volunteer guides who are always happy to help visitors explore the exhibits. The staff has a wealth of knowledge about the vehicles and can answer any questions visitors may have. Information about Exploring the Diversity of Flora at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens can be found here. 


The Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum is open to the public all year round, but its primary season runs from May through October. During this time, visitors can usually choose from various special events and activities, including car rallies, training sessions, car shows, and more. The museum may offer special tours or activities unavailable during special events during regular opening hours.


When visiting the museum, visitors will be amazed at the extensive collection of vintage and classic cars. You'll find everything from Ford Model Ts and Edsels to classic Cadillacs and Packards. You'll also find a wide variety of British, Italian, and German sports cars and plenty of hot rods, muscle cars, and other unique vehicles.

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