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Why Zimmer is the Best Neighborhood for History Lovers

What You Need to Know About Zimmer

Zimmer is a neighborhood in Franklin County, Ohio. The neighborhood is located within the Township of Madison. Groveport neighborhood lies 1.9 miles south southeast of Zimmer. 

The neighborhood has a population of about 1000 residents and covers an approximate area of 2 square miles. A majority of the people in Zimmer are whites. African-Americans and other racial groups form less than 10 percent of the population. Most of the people living in this neighborhood are senior professionals and retirees. However, several young professionals also live in the area and tend to be liberal. Living in Zimmer gives you a blend of the urban and suburban feel. The deep history of this neighborhood makes it a preferred destination by history lovers. Here are some of the historical events that took part in Zimmer. Click here for facts about Gahanna, OH.

The Zimmer Massacre

The Zimmer massacre involved the killing of four settlers by Native Americans in 1812. The massacre of the four settlers increased distrust between Native Americans and settlers at the beginning of the 1812 war. The tension between Native Americans and settlers was fueled by the British war in early 1812. Click here to read about Why Groveport is the Best Neighborhood for Food lovers.

The British War

The Native Americans and settlers lived peacefully in Zimmer until the war started in 1812. The settlers feared that Native Americans would be influenced by the British into the war. The war resulted in the forceful removal of Native Americans from their homes in Greentown.


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