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Where to Tow Car After Accident?

Updated: Jan 17

Car accidents are a nuisance for everyone who are part of it. Victims need to worry about many things, and the first of them all is their health. If they feel good and can move, they have to worry about material losses, which is the most complex part of a car accident. One of the things people have to worry about is where to have their car towed.

Victims could ask the towing company to take their car to several places, but not all of them are fit for all situations, so victims need to choose carefully if they want to avoid losing a lot of money to a car accident.

Naturally, what people need to do depends on what happened in the accident and who is liable for it. What they do is studied by the insurance company, too, so the moment when a car accident happens is crucial to decide if someone wins the case or not.

The best victims of a car accident can do before contacting the towing company is to call a Columbus car accident lawyer and ask them for legal assistance. Not all lawyers are fit for the job, though, so it's best to hire a law firm that is experienced and qualified to take the case.

Victims who don't know where to have their car towed can always count on the Keating Law Firm to address every legal problem they have. This law firm has qualified, licensed, and experienced layers, so there's no need to doubt that the service they offer is of excellent quality.

What Happens When a Towing Company Tows My Car After a Car Accident?

What Happens When a Towing Company Tows My Car After a Car Accident?

What happens when a tow truck driver takes a car depends on where they take it. Both victims and liable drivers have the same options, so both cars may be taken to the same place. People can choose between having their vehicle towed to a tow yard, auto body shop, or their house.

Having a car towed to any of the places mentioned before has advantages and disadvantages. First, it's important to know that none of the cars involved in an accident can be repaired or changed in any way until the whole process finishes. The reason for that is the insurance company needs to study the towed car after an accident to adjust compensation and get evidence.

Repairing the car would mean automatically losing the case, and no one wants that. If the victim decides to get their car towed to an auto body shop or tow yard, they would have to pay storage fees for every day the car stays there.

Fortunately, if the victim wins the case, the liable party and its insurance company have to pay for storage fees. However, that would require the victim to win the case and take their car out of the yard or body shop to mitigate expenses.

When the victim gets their car towed to their house or residence, they don't have to pay any towing and storage fees, but it would mean to use some of the space in their parking for an inoperable car.

The overall best option is to ask the tow truck to take the car to a residence to avoid storage fees. However, most law firms recommend people ask others for information. Those people could be witnesses in a further trial. People can go to a tow yard and pay the storage fees if they are sure they are going to win the case.

Does the Insurance Company Pay for the Tow Truck Company Storage Fees?

As it was mentioned before, insurance companies pay for the towing fees and everything related to the place where they get their car towed. However, some situations can keep insurance companies from paying the storage fee.

The first one of them is, naturally, losing the case. Every insurance policy only works under specific circumstances, and if those circumstances are not completely accomplished, the insurance company holds no responsibility. Most times, people ask the tow truck to take the car with them even if they can drive the vehicle to keep insurance companies from claiming that the car damage happened after the accident.

Insurance adjusters may -and are going to -try to do everything in their hands to avoid paying any damage, and that includes vehicle damage. The best victims can do in those cases is to hire a vehicle accident lawyer.

What If I Can Drive My Car After an Accident?

Not all vehicle accidents require a tow truck driver to get involved. The reason for that is that if the victim's vehicle is operable after the crash, the victim can drive home if they want to. However, there are some things to do before driving away.

If the victim is the one who wants to drive away, they first need to make sure they and their passengers are okay. The safety of everyone inside the car is more important than the accident itself, so no one has to do anything before making sure everyone is safe.

If someone is injured, the victim has to make sure to call an ambulance. After doing that, they have to take as many pictures as they can of the accident. All those pictures can represent evidence in a further legal case.

Calling a personal injury lawyer is also a good thing to do since attorneys know everything victims need to do to win the case. Additionally, they can tell victims what the best move for the situation is and how to approach the at-fault party.

Even if the other driver asked a tow truck driver to take care of the situation, the victim doesn't have to use the same tow truck. Before leaving, it's critical to take the liable party's personal information, which includes their full name, home location, car model, and license plate.

As it was mentioned before, some victims get their car towed after an accident even if they can drive it home to keep the other driver's insurance company from stating the damage the vehicle received happened after the accident. Nonetheless, everything changes if the person asking is the at-fault party.

Driving away could make law enforcement officers think it's a hit and run, and that would only cause more problems. The best for them is to also take care of the accidents and ask for legal advice. If they've reported the accident to the police, they can ask towing companies for help.

Where to Hire a Law Firm

Where to Hire a Law Firm

The short answer is the Keating Law Firm. This company can tell victims if it's best for them to take their car to a tow yard or home. Law firms already know most towing companies since they often are involved when these businesses tow a damaged vehicle and take it to an auto club or body shop. Attorneys can also tell victims where to find a rental car.

Getting collision insurance is not easy since it's needed to go through a whole legal business, and it's not an expensive one if the victim counts the towing cost. Fortunately, attorneys can get liable parties to pay for the tow company, rental car, salvage yard, and damaged car if they manage to win the case.

Regardless of that, everyone has to consider that taking their cars to a repair shop or tow yards is better than leaving them on the street blocking traffic.

The Keating Law Firm can also use the evidence the victim got from the accident scene and the other vehicles, which can help it determine who is at fault in a car accident in an intersection and sue the liable party. Lawsuit processes can be complex and exhausting, though. People need to be ready for it and do everything in their hands to get compensation for towing costs, salvage yard, and the repair shop.

Bottom Line

Being involved in a vehicle accident is not an easy process at all, and neither is an inexpensive one. Whether the victim decides to call a towing service to take care of everything or drive their car home, they still need to go through the whole legal process if they want to sue the at-fault party.

Tow truck drivers are always available for these situations, and when the tow truck arrives at the accident scene, it's best to talk to the driver and tell them where to take the victim's vehicle. Regardless of where the vehicle towed goes, that vehicle has to be left unchanged.

If anyone has their vehicle towed after an accident and needs a free consultation for their case, they can always rely on The Keating Law Firm. Personal injury lawyers know what they need to do to get victims compensation for their medical needs and financial total loss.

Paying for an attorney fee can be a nuisance for some people, but it's a profitable investment if paying those fees gets the victim collision coverage after a crash. There's no need to hesitate to call an attorney from The Keating Law Firm for a free consultation of the case! This law firm can also tell victims what its preferred towing company is for a car crash.


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