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When You Must Call An Auto Accident Attorney

After a car crash, the victims are always left with serious injuries to deal with and raise medical bills. Insurance firms always offer crash victims minimal compensation that is just a portion of what they require. That’s why you need to involve an attorney whenever you get into an accident. The team of experienced lawyers you hire from THE KEATING FIRM LTD will collect relevant evidence and witnesses that couldn’t be found. This will also allow our lawyers to go work faster to build a strong lawsuit for you. You need to call the lawyer sooner for you to get the compensation you deserve. Information can be found here.

What to do after a car crash

Immediately after you get involved in a car crash, there are things you must do to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. See here for information about THE KEATING FIRM LT Auto Accident Attorney.

Dial 911

Calling 911 and reporting the incident is important. This helps to alert law enforcers and emergency health caregivers to the scene. The police report and medical report will be valuable when determining liability and fault. Remember that without them, it is your words against theirs.

Collect evidence

Collecting evidence can be completed easily using a smartphone. Take photos of the license plates, eyewitness detail, car damage, intersection, traffic patterns, and any essential information that can help your attorney establish a fault.

Call an auto accident attorney

Insurance firms will want to lessen the liabilities by giving the victims lower compensation. Call an experienced auto accident attorney from THE KEATING FIRM LTD immediately to start building your case.


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