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What Is Soft Tissue Injury in a Car Accident?

Updated: Jan 17

The main issue about getting involved in a car accident is the injuries victims can get and the financial losses that come with them.

Some injuries are more severe than others, but that doesn't mean people can ignore them. Doing that and not going to physical therapy can make that injury develop into something way worse than before.

However, people need to know what each injury or issue represents to go through the correct medical treatment to heal from it. Soft tissue injuries require specific treatment, and that emphasizes if they are tissue injuries from car accidents. Therefore, anyone who gets involved in a car accident has to go to the doctor as soon as they can.

Hospital bills and doctor's appointments are not inexpensive, though. Even if the victim only suffered from soft tissue injuries or other minor injuries, the money they have to invest into it is not a little. Fortunately, lawyers can help people who suffered from soft tissue injuries from car accidents get compensation for what happened.

Personal injury lawyers are experts when facing a case of car accident injury, so no one needs to hesitate to call one. Nonetheless, it's essential to contact the correct automobile accident attorney for the task since not all attorneys are as good as they claim to be.

The Keating Law Firm has everything victims of car accidents need to win their case and get compensation to heal their soft tissue injuries. This company's lawyers are qualified, experienced, and licensed, so anyone can call the Keating Law Firm to get a free consultation of their case!

What Is Soft Tissue?

What Is Soft Tissue?

If someone wants to know what soft tissue injuries are, it's vital to go over the basics first since the term involves a lot of things. Soft tissues are all the groups of muscles, fat, blood vessels, and tendons, which support each other to surround all the organs in the human body.

After hearing that, many people could think that soft tissue injuries are too dangerous for the ones who get them, but not all of them are. The problem with that is that people tend to overlook soft tissue injuries because they think those problems are not as important as more severe injuries.

Anything that causes damage -whether it's a minor or a severe problem - to the victim's soft tissues is considered a soft tissue injury, and it's classified as that on medical records. However, not all soft tissue injuries are the same since there are two main types of soft tissue injuries; they are:

Acute Injuries

Acute injuries are the main characters of this page since they are the ones caused by sudden trauma. Therefore, people could say soft tissue injuries can come from a fall, twist, or getting hit by a blunt object. It's not uncommon to see people with soft tissue injuries after a car accident.

Overuse Injuries

As their name suggests, overuse injuries come from constantly doing activities that can cause certain damage to your body. People can't get overuse injuries from doing that activity one day, but repeating it on a daily basis is what causes the problem.

One of the most common overuse injuries is a neck injury. Office workers, programmers, and even gamers spend all their day sitting on an office chair, and that's what causes the whole thing to happen. Doing that makes them develop a bad posture, and therefore, get neck pain, back pain, and other injuries.

Most Common Soft Tissue Injuries

Whether it's an overuse injury or an acute one, there are many types of physical injuries. People can get one of them or several at the same time. Getting soft tissue damage can develop into hypertension injury and cognitive issues. However, it's not that common to see people getting a herniated disc or severe nerve damage due to a soft tissue injury.

Here are the most common soft tissue injures people get after car accidents:

  • Whiplash

  • Sprains

  • Strains

  • Contusions

The best way to overcome a soft tissue injury is to go to physical therapy. Although not all problems are the same, people can address some of them similarly.

How to Deal with Soft Tissue Injuries

There are many ways to recover from a soft tissue injury, but not taking action in a short term can worsen the problem. Therefore, victims must get themselves checked right after a car accident. Many people don't notice soft tissue injuries until it's too late to fully recover from them.

Here are some recommendations to deal with a connective tissue injury after a car accident:


This one can be a bit obvious, but it's critical to get a lot of rest after being involved in a car accident. Engaging in a lot of physical activity right after getting an injury can worsen the problem in many ways.

Victims should protect the injured area and only perform gentle and slow movements to prevent the issue from becoming a hyperextension injury. However, this recommendation doesn't apply when the injured person has broken bones or something similar since the medical care needed for those things is a bit different from the treatment for soft tissue injuries.


Ice can be strongly useful when recovering from a car crash, and that even applies if the victim hasn't received a proper diagnosis. What victims need to do is to wrap little ice cubes into a towel or rag.

After doing that, they can push the icepack into the injury in the gentlest way possible to avoid hurting themselves. Doing that makes the pain go away and loosens the victim's muscles. However, people can't apply the ice directly into the accident victims' affected area.


Compressing the injury keeps victims from making unnecessary movements with their injured body parts. This is helpful when the person needing medical attention got the injury in an arm or leg since it reduces their range of motion.

Physical Therapy

The most effective way to recover from an injury after a car crash is by going to physical therapy. There, a medical professional can help the victim do the correct back and forth movement they need to do to recover from the injury without suffering any additional pain.

As it was mentioned before, paying for physical therapy can be expensive, and it gets even more expensive after a car accident. However, if the victim wins the case, the insurance company needs to pay for everything, so it's best to get proper legal advice to make sure insurance companies give the victim the compensation they deserve.

How to Get Compensation for Soft Tissue Injuries After Car Accidents

How to Get Compensation for Soft Tissue Injuries After Car Accidents

Neither making nor winning a personal injury claim are easy things to do. This legal process can be difficult since insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying the victim's compensation.

Therefore, victims always need to hire a personal injury lawyer to take care of everything and discuss the case with the insurance company. Victims can tell their lawyers anything they want since the attorney-client relationship policy prevents attorneys from revealing any confidential information their clients tell them.

After getting involved in a car accident, the first thing to do is get to a safe place. This, naturally, doesn't apply to victims who got a severe brain injury and can't move. However, if they can, they can start taking pictures of the accident scene as soon as they get to a safe spot.

Those pictures can work as evidence if the victim then decides to sue the person who caused the accident. Things such as a physical examination report and witnesses are common examples of what people can use for validation purposes when going to trial.

When someone files a lawsuit against someone who is at fault in a self-driving car accident, they need to include how much funds they need for medical bills and any expense related to the recovery process of the injuries caused by the accident. Lawsuits also include compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and broken parts of the car, such as the steering wheel.

Nonetheless, most liable parties and insurance companies make a counter-offer as long as they receive a personal injury claim. If that happens, the lawyer representing the victim and the victim need to negotiate with the insurance company and the liable driver to get to an agreement that benefits both, just like an average settlement for car accident back and neck injury.

Regardless of that, if the victim has enough evidence to do it and doesn't get to a fair agreement, they can take the case to trial.


Car accidents are a nuisance for anyone involved in them, and they can turn into severe issues in particular cases. Some symptoms of soft tissue injuries can occur immediately, but not addressing them on time can lead to the need for more invasive treatments.

There's no need for victims to experience pain and also pay for their medical treatment. The best they can do is hire an experienced lawyer who can take care of the situation.

Anyone in need of legal assistance can rely on the Keating Law Firm to solve any law-related issue. This company offers a free consultation with an auto accident attorney in Columbus OH for personal injury cases, so it's best for victims to call it as soon as they can.


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