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What Can You Sue for in a Car Accident?

Updated: Jan 17

A driver can sue after a car accident even if they never suffered any injuries and only the vehicle incurred damages. In this situation, the victim can file a property damage lawsuit so that emotional distress and the cost of medical bills are recovered in a fair settlement.

Even if the person was not injured, car accident-related expenses could cost them a large sum of money out of pocket. It also means the person could struggle to support their family or might even be fired from their job. In 2010, vehicle collisions cost the nation $71 billion, and it is reported that PTSD from those events can cost $4,000 in the first year; victims should consider adding this when filing a personal injury claim. The Keating Firm, LTD is an automobile accident law firm that has dealt with most car accidents involving severe injuries and emotional traumas.

Property and Car Damage Claim

Property and Car Damage Claim

When damage is sustained in a vehicle accident caused by someone else, filing a property damage claim or personal injury claim is a way to recover compensation for repair costs. Most people file with the at-fault driver's insurance company to cover their losses, but this sometimes does not go very well.

The case does not need to be escalated from an insurance claim to a personal injury lawsuit if the result of the car accident is only property damage. However, insurance companies report that only one in eight drivers have insurance, making a car accident claim more complex.

If an uninsured driver was the cause of an automobile collision, the best approach would be for the victim to contact a car accident attorney. The Keating Firm LTD has an experienced car accident lawyer waiting to deal with any victim's injury claim and recover their required compensation.

One thing about the firm is that it takes its attorney-client relationship earnestly and honors all information with 100% confidentially.

Building a Case

In a property damage claim, most drivers need to prove the other driver is the cause of the accident by showing the court three things.

Firstly, the motorist must have proof that the other driver was driving recklessly and caused damage to their property. An example of the above statement is if the other person traveling by automobile rear-ends another vehicle because they were following too closely.

Secondly, there must be proof that the individual failed to perform an acceptable standard of care before the car accident. In the previous example, if the other motorist is texting while navigating the roads, that might cause them to ride into the back of a car. Finally, victims claiming financial losses need tangible proof to demonstrate the damages the at-fault driver caused.

By filing an accident report, a person can provide the court with crucial proof of the destruction of their property. If the police responded to the scene and investigated the car accident site, that information can also show the courts who was in the wrong.

Parties can collect other evidence to strengthen their case, including videos and photos of the car crash location, vehicle damages, repair bills, and witness statements.

Recoverable Compensation in Car Accident Claim

Victims of a car accident can recover the following compensation for a property damage claim in a court of law:

  • Repair expenses to their damaged property or vehicle

  • The cost to replace their goods or car

  • Covering public transportation costs during the time the victim had no automobile to drive

  • Any rental vehicle costs while repairs were performed on the plaintiff's car

Although this list of compensations is not exhaustive, these are just some of the things a victim could receive from another person's insurance coverage. Any medical bills incurred by the injured party should be kept as proof of losses, plus added to the victim's car accident expenses.

Settling vs. Contacting a Car Accident Attorney

Generally, more car accident claims are settled outside of court because it's less time-consuming and less expensive for all parties involved in the event. Insurance companies want to pay the victim as soon as possible.

However, sometimes the insurance company or the negligent party does not give the victim what they deserved, so it might benefit them to open a case with a car accident lawyer. In this case, the victims need to prove to the jury or judge why they require compensation for the car accident.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

In other property damage cases, a legal practitioner is not always necessary, but hiring one can benefit injured parties. The other person's insurance company often makes the case more challenging than it needs to be, especially if it sees the plaintiff as unaware of the laws surrounding car accidents.

An experienced legal agent can offer victims a free legal consultation, where they can examine the case more closely and see if it's worth pursuing. While providing legal care, the passionate lawyer can deal with the defendant's insurance company and investigate the insurance claim while the driver recovers from physical injuries and emotional trauma.

The average person might be tempted by their current financial burden, so they may accept the offer the other individual's insurance company sends them. That is where a lawyer can come in and help the victim fight to recover compensation or gather evidence concerning these underhand tactics. An attorney has experience negotiating with insurance agencies and is aware of the latest law updates involving car accident compensation.

If people decide to deal with the insurance company on their own after a car accident and it falls through, contacting an accident attorney at The Keating Firm LTD is their next step. The firm offers free consultations to victims of an automobile collision and can help them argue their case at trial. It can significantly help reduce stress and save time while the driver recovers from their serious injuries. When the driver hires an attorney to open a lawsuit, they can help determine the claim's value and help recover damages from the other party.

Is it Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer If the Driver Is not Injured?

Is it Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer If the Driver Is not Injured?

It might be worth it for victims to hire a personal injury lawyer if they have been hit by an uninsured motorist and are seeking legal advice. Suppose the person sustained damages relating to emotional distress or trauma; in that case, they might need treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, leading to a host of other ailments later on.

The costs for treatment can quickly add up and cause the individual years of pain and suffering caused by the automobile accident. The at-fault driver's insurance must pay for injuries and hurt inflicted by its client; otherwise, a lawsuit must be filed to sue the other person. Even victims who do not get hurt or have not sustained injury may still suffer from trauma and could receive a pay out.

It can be a very tricky process for accident victims to navigate by themselves, so it's best to see an attorney for some legal tips to guide them in the right direction.

The Keating Firm LTD has knowledgeable legal practitioners who have experience in personal injury and can help people open a lawsuit to sue the guilty parties. People can expect the firm to offer free consultations for any driver involved in a vehicle accident, and its lawyers have fought for many people's losses.

What About a Fender Bender?

In most cases, people end up knocking into each other, but the motor car damage is not significant enough to go to court. These cases usually settle between the two drivers if they can agree with each other.

However, there are some events where a fender bender ends up costing a little more than expected, and the other party refuses to pay. An example of this is if a luxury car driver is hit and the damages for their front bummer cost $5,000. That can be a huge problem, especially if the other person is under the financial burden or has no cover from insurance.

Whatever the reason may be, The Keating Firm LTD has helped road accident victims with a free case evaluation to determine the driver at fault. The company's professional practitioners can open a lawsuit to recover losses or damages from a fender bender that went too far.


Being involved in an automobile collision is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. Every day in the United States, people lose their lives on the road because of multiple reasons. Not only do people lose their life, but thousands suffer from emotional pain and trauma due to these kinds of accidents.

After an incident, most parties involved end up contacting a lawyer to help them retrieve compensation for their damaged automobile or injuries suffered. Each person's case is different; that is why they should contact The Keating Firm LTD to find out how it can help them with the matter.

Anyone who visits the firm is greeted with a free consultation concerning their injury lawsuit, automobile accident claim, or for general information purposes.


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