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Westerville Car Accident Lawyer | Lawyers Who Seek Maximum Compensation for Car Accident Victims in

A car accident is a life-altering event for all those involved. From as early as the time of the wreck, one will begin to notice their bills quickly pilling up, starting with the cost of the expensive ambulance ride to the hospital all the way up to the cost of the damages to their car, property loss, and medical treatments. All of these expenses added together may result in major financial losses for the victim of the car accident.

Many factors need to be considered when it comes down to recovering these financial losses from the party responsible for the car wreck. The insurance company of the liable party often offers injury victims low settlements and makes the legal process for car accident cases complicated. In order for the injured party to receive treatment that is fair after being in a car wreck, it is imperative that they have a good car accident attorney at their side.

In Westerville, OH, the car accident lawyers at The Keating Firm have years of experience in auto accident cases and will know exactly how to deal with their client's unique case at hand. From personal injury cases to criminal defense cases, these top-rated personal injury lawyers have fought for the justice of their clients and have recovered tens of millions in damages.

Other related practice areas of these outstanding lawyers include:

  • Vehicle accidents

  • Commercial accidents

  • Wrongful death cases

  • Dog bite cases

The Common Damages That Occur as a Result of a Car Wreck

The Common Damages That Occur as a Result of a Car Wreck

Often, victims of car accidents in Westerville, OH, are unaware that they are able to file a personal injury claim in an attempt to recover their financial losses. When it comes to the settlement process, it is extremely important that all factors are taken into consideration. All personal injury cases are unique; thus, no set formula exists to determine how much a car accident case is worth.

When a client chooses a personal injury lawyer from The Keating Firm to build their case, these super auto accident attorneys in Columbus will account for all the factors available to help their clients seek maximum compensation under the personal injury law. Compensation for the following damages includes the following:

#1 Medical Expenses from the Injuries Sustained

As already mentioned, expenses arising from medical treatment start with the cost of the ambulance. From there, injured victims are subject to many other medical bills, including the initial exam by the doctor, treatment, x-rays, hospital stays, emergency room visits, and more.

Medical devices, prescriptions, ongoing medical treatment, and follow-up visits fall under this category as well, especially if the victim sustained catastrophic injuries.

#2 Property Damages

Those who are involved in a car accident often have damage caused to their vehicle. In addition to a person's damaged vehicle, other things may also have been damaged in the car accident, for example, a victim's personal belongings.

Stereos, upgrades, and any other additional equipment that is damaged in the car accident may also fall within the claim. It is very common for those driving pick-ups to have their equipment or tools in the truck bed damaged during a collision.

#3 Pain and Suffering

Car accidents often leave injured victims with a lot to deal with, including suffering emotionally. Victims involved in car accident collisions often experience feelings of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many other emotional disturbances that arise as a direct result of the car accident that took place.

#4 Lost Wages

A victim may lose income as a result of a car accident as they are sometimes forced to miss days of work due to the injuries they have sustained from the collision. However, if this is the case, victims may have the option of recovering their lost income by filing a personal injury case.

Why Is It Important to Know the Damages That Can Be Recovered?

It proves beneficial for a party to a personal injury case to know the damages that can be recovered so that when an Ohio personal injury attorney begins building their case, they know which documents to keep ahold of.

All bills, receipts, and paperwork of any kind should be kept in a safe place. The best way for a personal injury lawyer to build a strong personal injury case includes being able to prove their client's losses when they seek financial compensation. It will also allow these super lawyers to get their clients the maximum amount from the defendant and the defendant's insurance company.

How a Westerville Personal Injury Lawyer Proves Negligence in a Car Accident

In order for a victim to successfully gain compensation for their personal injury claims, their personal injury lawyer needs to prove that the other driver was negligent. The following four factors need to be proven for a car accident attorney to prove negligence.

#1 The Defendant Had a Duty of Care

In specific situations like driving, a common practice expected from a person is a duty of care. It is often laws that dictate this. To give an example, if a person was involved in a collision in Westerville, OH, a car accident lawyer will need to prove that the defendant had a duty of care to stop at the red light.

#2 The Defendant Breached Their Duty of Care

In order for a defendant's actions to be regarded as negligent, a car accident lawyer will need to prove that the party responsible breached their duty of care. In the example given above, if the car accident lawyer proved that the driver failed to stop at the red light, then they have breached their duty of care, and their actions are considered to be negligent.

#3 Causation

In addition to the above, a personal injury lawyer will also need to establish a connection between the person who breached their duty of care and the car accident. In continuation of the example above, the person who failed to stop at the red light must be the one responsible for the collision and the injuries sustained by the other driver.

#4 Damages

Lastly, in order for a car accident case or any other personal injury case to be successful, a personal injury lawyer must be able to prove that their client suffered actual damages. This will often include medical expenses and proof of hospital visits.

Gathering Evidence

When it comes to proving negligence in a person's personal injury case in Westerville, OH, having a top-rated personal injury lawyer at their side can be very helpful, as they will ensure that the following evidence is gathered, where possible:

  • Medical bills

  • Police report

  • Witness statements

  • Video surveillance and photographic evidence of the car accident

  • Doctor statements and reports

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases in Westerville, OH

Every state has a statute of limitations that entails the amount of time a person has to file a personal injury claim, and according to the state and the offense, these laws tend to vary. Under the statute of limitations of Ohio, a victim usually has two years from the date of the car accident to file a personal injury lawsuit.

How a Car Accident Attorney at The Keating Firm Can Help

How a Car Accident Attorney at The Keating Firm Can Help

Concerning the navigation of Ohio traffic laws and negotiation with insurance companies, a victim's biggest advocate in their lawsuit will be a personal injury lawyer from The Keating Firm. These top-rated personal injury lawyers have fought their fair share of car accident cases in the Westerville, OH, area and know exactly what it takes to get the justice their clients rightfully deserve.

The goal of a personal injury attorney at this law firm is to ensure that their clients feel comfortable throughout the entire legal process, from as early as the investigation all the way up until a settlement is reached with the defendant's insurance company in a client's claim.

These super lawyers promise to:

  • Explain all the details of a client’s case, what is happening, and why it is happening.

  • Fill their clients in on what they can expect out of their legal issues.

  • Work hard to ensure that the process moves along as quickly as possible.

  • Fight for a fair settlement.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The goal of an insurance company in a personal injury claim is to pay out as little money as possible to the victim, and they are often willing to use any tactic in the book to achieve this goal. By hiring a top-rated personal injury lawyer from The Keating Firm, the playing field is leveled, and they will fight for what their client rightfully deserves.

Most insurance companies will pay more for the collision, but only if it is demanded. Without a tough lawyer in a client's corner fighting for every penny, chances are they will lose. With so much at stake after a serious car accident, victims cannot afford to lose.

Other Westerville Practice Areas

Reach Out to a Car Accident Lawyer from The Keating Firm Today for a Free Consultation!

After a car accident, a victim already has enough on their plate, and their main focus should be recovering from their injuries. Therefore, having a good personal injury attorney that can be counted on helps immensely.

Thankfully, the top-rated personal injury lawyers at The Keating Firm are experts in negotiating fair settlements for their clients who have been injured in a collision in the Westerville, OH, area.

Victims can speak with these accident lawyers by contacting The Keating Firm at (844) 333-7243. They can schedule a free consultation where they will receive personal attention with regards to their legal issue, allowing these super lawyers to better understand their client's goals and recommend the best course of action for them.


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