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Ways to Be A Responsible Client During an Injury Case

Here’s how You can Be A Good Client in Your Injury Case

When hunting for an injury attorney, you want to land on the best professional in town. This expectation works both ways. Injury lawyers also want responsible clients. But how can you be a good client? Read on to know what The Keating Firm LTD has in store for you. See more here.

Respond to Your Lawyer

You’ll probably get upset if your lawyer doesn’t answer or return your calls. And your lawyer will feel the same way. Therefore, make sure to respond to your lawyer’s calls or messages to avoid wasting time and jeopardizing your case. Read about Skills that Define a Great Injury Lawyer here.

Attend Every Medical Appointment

Missing a medical appointment will extensively hurt your case. Insurance adjusters will assume that you have not been hurt as much as you claim. Therefore, keeping up with all your appointments will play a significant role in the smooth running of your case.

Cooperate in the Discovery Process

When your lawyer sends interrogatories, make sure to promptly answer them and provide all the requested documents. This will help to keep your injury case on track and to see that it is timely resolved.

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1 Comment

Dimitri Pollich
Dimitri Pollich
6 days ago

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