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How Long Do You Have to See a Doctor After an Auto Accident? Everything to Know

Updated: Jan 17

In most cases, a person's insurance company feels that 72 hours after a car accident is enough time to seek medical treatment. However, it could take 14 days to see a doctor, especially if a specialist is required. Car accidents often present initial injuries and some underlying ones that aren't noticed at first.

Therefore, it might be wise to talk to a top auto accident law firm about any benefits that can be recovered. After a personal injury like this, it's crucial to visit with a doctor as soon as possible, even if there are no noticeable injuries and the victim feels fine.

It's advisable to seek urgent care and request an appointment for an examination. Overall, most personal injury victims don't realize that they are severely injured. For example, internal bleeding, fractures, strains, and whiplash might not present immediately.

Though the insurance claims process should help car accident victims get their medical bills paid, a car accident lawyer may be requested. He or she may offer a free case evaluation to accident victims to talk about medical expenses, time off work, and all the rest.

Finding a Doctor After Car Accident Injuries

Finding a Doctor After Car Accident Injuries

When a person chooses to seek medical attention from a doctor after a car accident, they must be completely honest about their car accident injuries. Describe each type of discomfort or pain experienced, the severity of this injury, and how it affects daily life.

Once a person decides to see a doctor to get medical attention, a specialist may be called in, depending on how severe the injury is. They can offer follow-up care and further treatment when needed. It's crucial to follow the care plan recommended by the doctor after a car wreck. Victims may also seek second opinions from other qualified specialists.

Don't ignore treatment instructions or miss appointments. Not only can this put the victim's health at risk, but it can also hurt the insurance claim for a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, the person's health is a priority.

It's also crucial to keep medical documents as evidence for the personal injury case. The personal injury lawyer can retrieve them, but it's better to have copies to present upon request.

Seek Medical Treatment as Soon as Possible

In most states, a victim of a car accident should see a doctor to get treatment within 72 hours of the accident. According to law, a person has 14 days to visit a physician to get compensation for damages after a car wreck.

Whether the victim plans to file a claim or not, they still need to be seen to ensure that there are no severe issues. Later, they may choose to file a claim against the other party to be reimbursed for:

  • Rehabilitative services

  • Dental care

  • X-rays

  • Surgical services

  • Ambulance transportation

  • Medical care

  • Compensation for being unable to work

It's crucial to get medical attention from an approved provider, which includes:

  • Chiropractor

  • Physical therapist

  • Personal physician

  • Surgeon

  • Specialist

  • ER technician

If a victim seeks treatment from an unapproved doctor, the qualifications for insurance benefits might not be met. They may have to visit multiple medical facilities for treatment, such as a PCP, ER doctor, and specialist to get the proper care.

Even if the victim thinks that their injuries are minor, medical treatment should still be requested. Some symptoms might not appear until weeks after.

Emergency Care After a Car Accident

It is crucial to see a doctor after a car accident, especially if the victim wants to file an injury claim. However, a trip to the emergency room could take a long time, so some people choose to get medical treatment from an urgent care facility.

If the injuries aren't so severe as to warrant a trip in an ambulance, the victim or someone with them can transport them to an urgent care facility. This results in less waiting, and they are often open 24/7.

Sometimes, people choose not to get medical assistance after an accident because they don't want to pay high prices. Urgent care facilities may cost less and can save money. However, it's crucial not to put off getting medical treatment because of the inability to pay. If the victim seeks an injury claim and wins, the other party is likely required to compensate for any medical costs. Speak to a personal injury attorney to find out more.

Questions to Ask the Medical Professional about a Car Accident Injury Case

After being injured in a car accident, it's crucial to seek medical attention immediately. There could be underlying injuries that don't present symptoms for days or weeks, but they still need medical treatment.

Whiplash is one such injury. The signs include tingling anywhere in the upper body, headaches, and neck pain. It might seem minor at first, but the pain might become debilitating without the right treatment.

Overall, it's best to see a doctor after a car accident. With that, it creates proof of the injuries for the medical record. Plus, when a person chooses to get medical attention, they know there are no problems and get treatment for any issues.

Here are a few questions to ask the doctor after being in a car accident. These answers can help with recovery and might build a personal injury case:

What Are the Injuries?

Doctors know what to ask patients who are injured to identify underlying conditions. Whether there are soft tissue injuries or something worse, it's crucial to be honest with the doctor about any pain. Share information about the symptoms experienced.

The doctor is likely to run various scans or tests to figure out what the injuries are. They can include MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, blood tests, or a full-body physical exam. When the results come in, the doctor can provide a full assessment of the injuries, the severity, and what recovery process is in store for the victim.

What Does the Recovery Process Entail?

Many soft tissue injuries are minor and may require over-the-counter medication and rest to recuperate from the pain. However, the injuries could require various medicines and treatments. It's best to note how long the treatment should last to plan for going back to work and all the rest.

With that, the person's age impacts recovery times. For example, teenagers might heal faster and require fewer treatments than someone in their 70s.

Who Else Can Help with Treatment?

An emergency room doctor offers immediate medical care, but they sometimes can't provide all the treatment needed to heal. They may refer the victim to another medical professional who specializes in specific injuries. These areas of expertise can include:

  • Oriental medicine

  • Orthopedics

  • Massage therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Chiropractic

  • Surgery

Once the initial trip to the ER is complete, it's best to consult with the victim's primary care physician. They may suggest other treatments and specialists as needed.

What about Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is possible after car accidents. In this case, the tissues or muscles are injured. Severe cases allow for broken bones that are hard to recover from. When a person notices a common injury, it's crucial to see a doctor immediately. They can begin a treatment plan after assessing the damage.

Many times, chronic pain is something that the victim must deal with for the rest of their lives. Though it's scary, it's best to speak with a lawyer about compensation from the at-fault party.

How Might the Injuries Affect Lifestyle?

The injuries could cause so much discomfort or pain that they prevent the victim from doing normal activities. Sometimes, putting strain or pressure on the injured area aggravates it, even if the person feels well for a few days. These physical limitations are frustrating and can lead to depression or anxiety.

In many cases, the victim cannot work because of the pain. With that, the treatments needed to become healthy again might affect when the person can work. Filing a lawsuit ensures that the victim can claim any lost income to recover from the injury.

Is It Possible to Get Copies of Medical Records?

Obtaining medical records is a great way to track progress and help the victim and doctors determine how to handle future treatments.

Having copies of medical bills and records is also crucial to building a personal injury case. It's easier for the attorney to show that the injuries were directly related to the accident. Overall, the other person's insurance company is responsible for reimbursing the victim for medical treatments and lost wages.

What If the Insurance Company Denies the Car Accident Claim?

What If the Insurance Company Denies the Car Accident Claim?

The victim's insurance company could review the case and deny the claim. As a result, they must pay their medical bills out of their own pocket. Insurance companies often deny medical coverage for various reasons, including:

  • Not receiving medical care within the statute of limitations listed

  • Not having severe enough injuries to classify as an emergency situation

  • Not having injuries related to the accident as was claimed

If that happens, the only way to get insurance companies to pay is to hire an auto accident attorney. They can help file a claim against the insurance company to retrieve appropriate benefits.

It's best to call an auto accident injury lawyer to get a free consultation to see if there are grounds for a claim.

Filing a Claim Against Someone Else

If someone else was responsible for the injury suffered, it's crucial to file a claim against the at-fault person's insurance company to get compensation for lost wages, non-economic damages, and medical bills. Most insurance companies try to lower the value of the claim, so it's best to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney and make sure you file a police report. They can find out how much the claim is worth and can handle:

  • Truck accidents

  • Bicycle accidents

  • Car accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Bus accidents

  • Many others

If someone else was careless or negligent, the victim has a right to file a personal injury claim if they sustained injuries. A lawyer can help build the case, submit the claim, determine the loss value, and negotiate a settlement. When a settlement can't be reached, they can also take the case to court.


How Does One Choose a Doctor after a Car Accident?

If the victim has severe injuries after a car crash, it's crucial to get medical care immediately. Most people go to an emergency room and then follow up with a primary care physician. The doctor may recommend a specialist.

When the injuries aren't life-threatening or severe, the victim may drive themselves to the doctor the same day or the next.

What Type of Doctor Should be Seen after a Car Accident?

A car accident can be quite traumatic, and there are more than 1.3 million car accident fatalities each year throughout the world.

The patient needs to see an appropriate doctor to heal from the injuries. However, a car accident affects people in various ways, which can include long-term brain damage, coma, or cognitive impairment. Others might have skull lacerations or fractures. Overall, the victim might experience a loss of sensation, permanent paralysis, and much more.

Therefore, the type of doctor needed depends on the situation. However, emergency room professionals can take care of bleeding and other issues so that the victim may be seen by a specialist later.

Get Help from a Reputable Auto Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies are often hard to deal with, and after being in a car accident, the victim might not know what to do. It's best to see a doctor within 72 hours of the accident. That way, the person can work on recovering. With that, personal injury lawyers often want the victim to be seen by a doctor at their earliest convenience to have documentation of any problems and treatment options.

Those who have been in a car accident that wasn't their fault may want to file a claim through The Keating Firm LTD. They may request a free consultation to see if a claim is plausible and an estimated valuation of the claim.

Don't take on the insurance company alone; request legal representation from a personal injury attorney today.


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