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Reynoldsburg Car Accident Lawyer - How to Choose the Best

After being in a car accident in Ohio, most people wonder if they need to hire a lawyer. The answer depends on the severity of the incident and the injuries involved.

Minor fender benders might have no injuries, so a car accident attorney in Reynoldsburg, OH, might not be necessary. However, more serious incidents may require the right lawyer.

The Keating Law Firm can help victims determine if they require legal assistance to fight for the compensation they deserve. It's often challenging to know where to turn for OH personal injury cases, and it's crucial to understand the legal options available.

Overall, the lawyers here can help people get compensation for their injuries. The attorneys have extensive knowledge of the Ohio laws and are dedicated to assisting others in fighting to get a fair settlement. Don't go through such a challenging time alone.

Call (866) 836-4878 to request a free consultation. The Keating Law Firm also assists with wrongful death and criminal defense cases.

Types of Car Accidents That Might Occur in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Types of Car Accidents That Might Occur in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Typically, car accidents happen because the other driver wasn't paying attention to the road. Regardless, there are different types, and it's crucial to understand what they are.

Some car accidents don't require assistance from a lawyer, but others do. When it's time to hire a professional, choose The Keating Law Firm for a free consultation! Here are various car accident types that might require the right lawyer:

Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end collisions often occur when a driver follows someone too closely. Generally, one person doesn't pay attention and hits the back end of the vehicle. They often lead to serious injuries, so it's crucial to get legal assistance in Reynoldsburg, OH, after one occurs.

Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions generally happen when two vehicles hit each other from the front. They often lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities, which might mean the victim passes away. The family can then file a wrongful death claim.

Generally, a head-on collision is a severe OH personal injury, and a lawyer is required to receive compensation.

Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions tend to occur when one car hits another on the side. They're highly dangerous. The injured party often needs medical attention immediately and requires physical therapy to get back to their before-incident lifestyle.

What to Do After a Car Accident

It doesn't matter what type of incident a person is involved in. They must get medical assistance immediately. Once they see a doctor, they can contact a car accident attorney at The Keating Law Firm to request a free consultation. They can help those injured understand their legal rights and get appropriate compensation.

Legal Rights After the Car Accident

Generally, car accidents are stressful and frightening, so it's easy to become overwhelmed. In the middle of this situation, it's easy to forget about the victim's legal rights. However, The Keating Law Firm is there to help.

Once an accident happens, one shouldn't talk to the insurance company until discussing their options with an experienced lawyer. The insurance adjuster hopes that the person agrees to settle fast and for a lower amount because they keep more money for the business.

A lawyer thoroughly reviews a victim's case to determine how much compensation they should get for their injuries.

Determining If There's a Car Accident Claim in Reynoldsburg, OH

Most people who are injured get compensation, but that doesn't always happen. It's crucial to contact a car accident attorney. Determining fault is the first step, but they also assess the situation and see if a claim should be brought. Law firms generally focus on these things:

Circumstances Leading to the Car Accident

A lawyer should explore the factors leading to the personal injury accident in Ohio. Considerations include the type of accident experienced, the other person's actions, and more. Sometimes, bicyclists and pedestrians are also involved.

Liability and Fault for Collisions

Fault significantly determines whether a person has an OH personal injury case. The driver who caused the incident might have liability. Typically, drivers can cause accidents by:

  • Ignoring crosswalks

  • Driving on road shoulders

  • Driving the wrong way

  • Swerving in between lanes during heavy traffic

  • Backing up without checking the rearview mirror

  • Passing without checking for blind spots and looking in mirrors

  • Running red lights

  • Ignoring stop signs

A lawyer must read police reports and witness statements to determine fault for accidents in the area.

Extent of the Injuries

Just because one gets into an accident doesn't entitle them to compensation. The incident must leave the victim with a loss, including medical expenses or time off work.

A car accident attorney can assess the injuries sustained during the accident, working with medical experts to determine if a claim should be filed. Call for a free consultation to be sure!

Recover Compensation - What Options Are Available After a Car Accident in Reynoldsburg, OH?

If someone else caused the accident, a victim might receive compensation for their losses. Many times, the other driver must cover medical expenses, including:

  • Time spent in the hospital

  • Ambulance ride or emergency medical care

  • Rehabilitation, medication costs, and physical therapy

  • Medical surgeries and treatments

  • Medical tests, such as CAT scans and MRIs

Often, a car accident attorney can get additional compensation to cover the person's lost wages at work. Sometimes, that person can't go back to work, so they receive damages for the loss of earning potential. Request a free consultation to learn more today!

Who Pays the Damages?

Vehicular accidents usually result in property damage, too. Therefore, the at-fault driver may be required to cover the costs to replace or repair the car. Generally, they don't pay the victim directly but work through a lawyer or insurance adjuster. An attorney can help with a settlement and talk to the appropriate people.

Address Pain and Suffering Concerns

Typically, a personal injury causes more than physical wounds. Victims often experience lasting issues with trauma and pain. Therefore, a lawyer should recover compensation for non-economic losses.

Pain and suffering or mental anguish don't have set dollar amounts. However, they still matter. An attorney looks at how the accident impacted daily life and seeks damages to cover those.

Expected Services During Car Accident Cases from The Keating Law Firm

A car accident attorney in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, can handle all the aspects of a case. The team works hard to:

  • Track expenses and losses

  • Go over settlement offers made by the insurance adjuster

  • Handle conversations with the insurance agency

  • Work with other professionals to develop a case

  • Interview the witnesses

  • Get copies of the police report and medical records

  • Investigate the cause of the accident

The attorney offers caring and warm representation while handling the case. It's easy to reach out to them at any time for help with legal questions.

In fact, The Keating Law Firm handles insurance agent negotiations, which help to settle the claim. However, the attorneys here can also take the case to court if necessary. Request a free consultation by calling (866) 836-4878.

Speak to a Representative for a Free Consultation

Speak to a Representative for a Free Consultation

No one should handle their OH personal injury claim alone after getting into a collision. Instead, it's best to seek legal representation from the car accident lawyers at The Keating Law Firm. Request a free case evaluation by calling (866) 836-4878. The lawyers here can also assist with wrongful death and criminal defense cases.

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Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

The truth is that victims often have many questions after an accident in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Some relate to the incident, but others focus on finding a car accident attorney. Look below to get answers to some of the most common concerns. This is not to be construed as legal advice. It's only meant to offer a general understanding of what victims can expect.

What Is the Car Accident Claim Worth, and Is There a Case?

An attorney can assist because they know what the victim has gone through. They help people who sustained injuries in car accidents for many years, taking on the insurance company and winning. It's important to protect the victim's legal rights to maximize the value of the claim.

Car accidents are quite common in Ohio. The most dangerous intersections come from Columbus and include:

  • Morse Road at Northtown Boulevard

  • Cleveland Avenue at Dublin Grandville Road

  • Dublin Grandville Road at Maple Canyon Drive

  • Broad Street at James Road

  • E Livingston Avenue at Hamilton Road

There are many crashes just in these locations, but a car wreck can happen anywhere, including in a driveway or parking lot.

It's often hard to determine how much a claim is worth because each collision is different. Victims can be compensated for costs related to anything associated with the accident, including:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Modifications to the home

  • Lost income

  • Lost future earnings

  • Car repairs or replacement and transportation

  • Doctor bills

How Does One Know If They Have a Reynoldsburg Car Accident Case?

It's important to know if a victim has a personal injury case. A knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer can fight and find effective solutions. Consider these questions:

  • How did the wreck happen? Was it a head-on or rear-end collision? Was the other party under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or was found texting? An attorney should raise those concerns to get justice.

  • Who is at fault? This is crucial when handling an accident claim. The insurance company might try and deny fault for the other driver and might point the finger at the victim. That's why it's important to have an experienced lawyer to reveal the truth.

  • How did the injury occur? Did the victim get a concussion, which might indicate a brain injury? Most insurance companies downplay the seriousness of the accident, but The Keating Law Firm works with outside experts to determine the nature of the victim's condition.

Being involved in a car crash is not something people look forward to. However, when accidents happen, it's best to speak with a lawyer and request a free consultation by calling (866) 836-4878.

Does One Need a Reynoldsburg Car Accident Lawyer After an Accident?

An accident could leave passengers and drivers severely injured. If it happens, it's best to work with an OH personal injury lawyer to get compensated for those losses.

Car accidents change lives, both emotionally and financially. Generally, the insurance company tries to pressure victims into agreeing to low-ball offers. People should be compensated for:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Car repair bills and transportation

  • Medical bills (hospital stays, prescriptions, etc.)

  • Lost wages and loss of future earnings

Request a free consultation by calling (866) 836-4878.

Why Does One Require an Accident Attorney in Reynoldsburg, OH?

Every OH personal injury case is different, but Reynoldsburg car accident lawyers have many resources to help victims get results. They can:

  • Figure out the economic loss and financial impact of the accident on the victim's life

  • Consult with an accident reconstruction expert to find out what caused the crash

  • Gather evidence, such as depositions and witness interviews

  • Examine records, such as the police report

Is It Worth It to Hire an Accident Attorney in Reynoldsburg, OH?

Not every personal injury claim requires an attorney. It's okay to file one against the insurance company alone, but that might only work for minor injuries.

Sometimes, a car accident results in expensive hospital bills and severe injuries. That's when it's best to work with a qualified lawyer to fight for compensation.

Does One Require a Car Accident Lawyer in Reynoldsburg, OH, to File the Insurance Company Claim?

One doesn't have to hire a vehicle accident lawyer in Columbus to file insurance claims. However, there are many benefits of doing so. An experienced attorney has expertise and knows what to do. Plus, they work head-on with the insurance adjuster to negotiate on the victim's behalf.

Many times, insurance providers gloss over minor damages to settle the claim for as little as they can. However, a qualified lawyer ensures that everything is taken into account when determining the settlement amount.

How Do Settlements for Motor Vehicle Accidents Get Calculated?

Generally, a settlement amount for an accident varies based on many factors. Variables include hospital bills, repair bills, and other damages. However, a qualified attorney can help victims understand what they might receive in payment.

When Is the Best Time to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Ideally, one should hire a lawyer in Reynoldsburg, OH, before calling the insurance adjuster to file the claim. That means the attorney can review the case and even handle that conversation.

When an attorney works on the claim, there's no need to fear an under-settlement. Insurers often have loopholes out there to exploit the claim and undervalue it. However, a lawyer knows these tricks and doesn't let that happen!

What's It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Reynoldsburg, OH?

Reynoldsburg car accident lawyers often use contingency-fee plans. Therefore, the attorney only gets paid if they win the case. This is usually found as a percentage of the settlement amount the victim wins.

Many people don't seek legal support because they feel it's beyond their financial abilities. However, that's not true. It's best to contact The Keating Law Firm at (866) 836-4878 for a free consultation to get started.

How Long Do Car Accident Claims Take to Settle After Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers?

The time needed to settle a claim depends on many factors. Each case is unique. Sometimes, it's straightforward, so attorneys can resolve them in weeks. Others are highly complex and take many years before reaching an agreement.

It's important to realize that victims can easily be forced to wait to get what they deserve. Don't be rushed to settle the claim faster and get a lower amount. Work closely with an attorney and ask about a timeline.

What Should One Do After Getting Into a Car Accident?

After being in a Reynoldsburg car accident, it's best to seek medical care immediately. Go to the emergency room in an ambulance and do what the doctors say. It's easy to fear the high cost, but the bills can be dealt with later once the victim hires an attorney.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help People?

Look for attorneys who have handled countless injury cases. They should win many of them and deal with insurance companies to understand how they operate.

The Keating Law Firm does those things, so it can negotiate higher settlements and fight in court. Plus, it has helped many victims in the Ohio area get appropriate compensation.

Every case is different, so it's important to meet with the attorney to convey details. Someone reviews the paperwork, including repair estimates, police reports, and medical records. Call (866) 836-4878 to request a free consultation now!

How Long Does One Have to File Reynoldsburg Car Accident Claims in Ohio?

Ohio puts a statute of limitations of two years on personal injury issues. Therefore, one must research Reynoldsburg car accident lawyers, choose one, and start the process within that time frame. Otherwise, they're not allowed to recover damages at all.

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