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Reasons Your Personal Injury Attorney Maybe Against Trials

Your personal injury claim is most likely to settle. However, it may go through trial due to one or two reasons. Most attorneys will avoid trial due to the following reasons. Learn information about Gahanna, OH here.

Trials Are Unpredictable

Even if you have the best personal injury case ever, your claim is still in the hands of the jury. Although juries receive clear instructions on the law, their decisions can be surprising and unpredictable. You might walk into court expecting to get an agreeable result only to leave disappointed when things don't go your way. In court, there are no guarantees. Discover facts about Why Personal Injury Attorney Prefer Settlement.

Trials Take Time

One thing that is predictable about a trial is the significant amount of time it takes to bring the case to trial. When you take your case goes the trial route, it may take several days. The court sets your trial dates, and you might have to wait months for the court to have the available time to hear your case.

Trials are Not Private

Trials are public records. That means anyone can walk into court and look at what's going on. Anyone can review a transcript of a court proceeding. As long as a question is relevant, it's fair game. That can mean having to answer uncomfortable questions about your personal life.


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