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Permanent Disability After a Car Accident: What Are Your Options?

Being involved in a car accident is a serious matter that can cause someone to risk their lives. Trauma and other physical damages can leave a mark on a person who experienced a car accident. The question is, how are you able to handle such a tragic event in your life? What are the things you can do to make things easier with your situation? In this article, we have gathered a helpful guide on available options to take care of your car accident.

The scope of damages

Accidents may happen anytime and anywhere regardless of how careful you are. Whether you are just simple bystanders or driving along the freeway. There is no exact calculation of how brutal the damage will be after a road collision. It can cause neck injuries, brain damage, back related-injuries, amputation, severe burns, broken bones, cuts, and lacerations. Unfortunately, the person involved in the accident will carry the burden of living in his or her new state. The lifetime effect not only changes the way the person lives but it can cause them severe depression as well.

Get experts advice

We all agree that accidents are not an everyday event and we rarely experience it in our lifetime. But, when the time comes, we have no clue what to do when someone hits you while driving and cause you permanent damage. That is why you need to ask for professional help right away to get the justice you deserve. According to a survey conducted by WHO ( World Health Organization), there is an alarming rate of over 1.3 million dies in car accidents worldwide. According to the experts at Johnson City Car Accident Lawyer, it is crucial to seek legal advice to handle your case in filing a personal injury case if this happens to you. Legal guidance will provide the appropriate actions from gathering information, taking evidence, to processing papers that can take a few months if you’re the only one who took care of it. You just have to research the best law firm that can give you legal aid and the process of filing a claim is much easier with their help.

Seek medical attention

It is not a joke to take a car accident for granted, most victims encounter legs torn between vehicles, smashed their heads in the concrete, or lose a lot of blood from lacerations. Lucky people tend to have no single cut or bruise, but even it seems you’re okay after the crash there are still hidden symptoms that only doctors can tell. That is why it is essential to seek medical attention to make sure you are totally fine from internal bleeding, broken bones, etc. Doctors will run some tests and observe vital signs for a few days before you can go back to normal. Moreover, when you had a major accident that almost took your life, doctors will need to do emergency surgery to prevent things from getting worst.

Settle things down

It is a known fact that getting hospitalized for a few months can cause you a lot. Your savings will be drained, financial loans will pile up and expenses getting bigger every single day. Once you are able to get a lawyer, they will communicate with the other party involved to lay all your hospital bills, medications, compensation loss, and treatments. This will give way to make things clear and set an agreement for the other party to pay all your expenses because of the accident.

Go back to normal

It is undeniably true that victims of a car crash undergo severe depression of not having a normal life with his or her condition. However, opportunities are endless, some amputees can still be able to move while using a wheelchair, or using an artificial leg to walk. It just a matter of changing your perspective that you are still alive and given a second life. Instead of thinking you are a burden to your family, think that you are still breathing and enjoying their company. This way, you will not only make yourself confident but making your family proud of your strength to live and conquer your fear.

We cannot ignore the reality that a lot of people dies in a car accident, while some survive but lose everything with a blink of an eye. From the way they walk, going to work, doing their sports and so on. However, life doesn’t end there, you can still be able to get your life back with the help of family and friends.


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