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Mistakes That Can Impact Your Injury Lawsuit

If you are in an injury lawsuit, there are several safeguards you can take to support fair compensation for your claims. Unfortunately, many clients have had misleading or distorted evidence used against them in the courtroom. You can avoid this by side-stepping the following mistakes: Find more information here.

Forgetting You are Under Investigation

If you are in an injury lawsuit, insurance companies will be investigating you at various points during the case. It can involve videos or photos of you out in public that they can use against you. Therefore, you should avoid engaging in activities that might push the limits of your injuries. See here for information about the Types of Expert Witnesses Used in an Injury Case.

Talking about Your Case

Under no circumstances should you share details of your claim with people hired by the at-fault driver or their insurance representatives. If a defense lawyer or an adjuster tries to contact you, refer them to your lawyer.

Divulging Details on Social Media

Social media platforms are prime material for investigation by defense lawyers and insurance adjusters. Even if all your accounts are private, they can find pictures or materials that can help the at-fault party avoid full responsibility. For instance, they can use pictures of your recent activities as references that you are not as injured as you claim.


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