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Journey to Payment of Compensation without a Car Accident Attorney

Are you part of the ‘I can do it personally’ gang? Some people love to undertake their processes without the help of a professional in that field. Many people have testified to getting their compensation paid after an accident without contacting a car accident attorney. One of the reasons may be due to financial constraints or the love to pass through the processes, learning, and relearning until success is achieved. True, the journey is challenging and frustrating, but here are the simplified procedures to follow. See more here.


Since you won’t hire a car accident attorney, you have to pass through the process alone. The first step is evaluating the extent of the damage. This includes all pennies spent since the accident happened until all the repairs and damages were gone. You can also include future expenses for the treatment of injuries. This has to be carefully calculated. See here for information about How to Select the Best Car Accident, Attorney.

Insurance Company

Meet up with your insurance company and discuss it with them. Ask the amount the company is willing to pay for the damages. This will guide you in other processes. Present all the evidence and necessary documents for them to sum up for the payment fee.


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