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Instances When You Need to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney for Medical Malpractice in Gahanna, OH

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Medical Malpractice Cases That A Personal Injury Attorney Can Be Hired

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider fails to care for an individual following the set standards of the health care profession. The patient can become ill, or their condition worsens as a result of the negligence. The Keating Firm LTD has outlined the instances when you can contact a personal injury attorney. Learn information about Gahanna, OH.

Improper Treatment

This is when a health practitioner fails to use the right treatment for your illness. As a result, you fail to recover as expected. Click here to read about The Basics of Personal Injury Law in Gahanna, OH.

Injury During Birth

It can happen if the obstetrician mishandles the baby causing them to suffer or when the mother isn’t given the right attention during birth. The practitioner is held responsible and may be required to pay hefty compensation.

Prescription Errors

This is when the practitioner diagnoses you properly but prescribes the wrong medication. This can make your condition worse. It can also happen when the doctor prescribes the right medication but failed to notice that your records say you’re allergic to the medication.

In the above cases, a personal injury attorney will prove the medical practitioner’s negligence and negotiate to get you the right compensation.


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