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When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio?

If you get injured in an accident in Columbus, you should seek the help of a lawyer to ensure that the person at fault makes you whole again.

To protect public health, Congress created the National Highway Safety Bureau and the Department of Transportation. Had Congress not made these momentous decisions, more than 120,000 people would succumb to auto accidents each year.

Today, death by auto accident is one of the top health issues in the country. The threat of succumbing to this kind of injury is unacceptable. Often, people who are in car accidents suffer serious injuries.

If you get injured, you have the right to seek compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal system.

Personal Injury Law Basics

Every personal injury claim is the result of intentional or unintentional negligence or liability. If you prove damages and liability, the court will award you compensation for all of your troubles.

With automobile accidents, for instance, you can claim negligence if you get injured by a driver who failed to exercise reasonable caution. If a driver fails to fulfill their responsibilities and you’re injured, personal injury law mandates that you can recover damages. There are other reasons for personal injury besides negligence, however.

For instance, strict liability is an expanding law practice. It holds designers and manufacturers liable for injuries that result from defective products.

With strict liability, you do not have to establish negligence. Instead, you must show that the product was designed or built in a way that made it unreasonably dangerous.

Medical malpractice is another major area of personal injury law. Patients have a right to expect competent healthcare.

If a physician doesn’t meet the standards of competent healthcare and injures you, then they are negligent. In this instance, you must prove that you wouldn’t have suffered an injury if it wasn’t for the physician’s negligence.

What Can an Injury Lawyer Do for Me?

A personal injury lawyer will help you win fair compensation for the damages you have faced. Damages may include many things, including:

  • Diminished quality of life

  • Emotional anguish

  • Loss of association

  • Loss of earning ability

  • Loss of income

  • Medical expenses

  • Pain

  • Ruined relationships

  • Suffering

Often, a personal injury lawyer will finance your case. As a result, they will evaluate the merits of the case before deciding to take it on.

If a personal injury lawyer takes your case, they may gather evidence to support your claim. For instance, they may acquire any police reports related to the incident.

They may also hire a personal investigator to track down witnesses. Also, a personal injury lawyer might take witness statements.

The lawyer may also instruct a photographer to take pictures of the auto accident report or scene. Additionally, your lawyer may acquire evidence such as records of property damage, video footage, or other available information. Finally, your lawyer may also gather supporting evidence such as medical reports, medical bills, and employment records.

The evidence will help to establish liability for who caused the accident. This information will also prove the extent of the damage that you incurred.

Accidents Aren’t Always Straightforward

There are times when it’s challenging to establish who’s at fault for an accident. In this instance, you most certainly need the assistance of an attorney.

Often, the insurance company of defendants will attempt to blame you for damages. An attorney can help you to protect your rights and shield you from counterclaims or cross-claims.

A personal injury lawyer is your best chance at not getting charged for expenses that occurred due to an accident. They have experience dealing with multiple insurance companies and can build your case in a way that protects you. Additionally, your personal injury lawyer will make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

Insurance companies know that most people don’t fully understand the law. Often, they will use this circumstance to deny your claim entirely.

Alternatively, insurance companies use stall tactics. They know that, given enough time, you may agree to a much smaller settlement.

As you wait for your settlement agreement, your bills may continue to mount. The insurance company may take advantage of your need to pay increasing bills immediately to compel you to accept a fraction of what you deserve.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

The first thing you should ask yourself immediately after an accident is, “How can I find a personal injury lawyer near me?” If you’re in an accident, you’ll most likely have many questions.

You’ll wonder if you can continue to work and how you’ll pay your medical expenses. You may also wonder how you’ll pay your household bills if you’re out of work.

The thought of adjusting to life without an income is worrisome. More than likely, you’ll need advice.

A lawyer can guide you through the decision-making process after an accident. Also, an injury lawyer can help you win as much as possible to recover all your losses.

You Deserve the Best Injury Lawyers

Unless you work in the court system, it’s difficult to tell who’s the best choice to handle your personal injury claim. As a consumer, how do you know who’s the most qualified to protect your interests?

Like most people, you’ll probably start your research online. In this case, it’s easy to want to choose whoever has the nicest looking website. However, a nice website isn’t always indicative of the success rate of your potential counsel.

A better way to choose a personal injury attorney is to ask friends and family members about counselors who represented them. After you gather recommendations, reach out to potential candidates to see if you feel as though you’ll work well with those professionals.

If you need an experienced personal injury lawyer in Columbus, OH, the Keating Law Firm has successfully won hundreds of personal injury claims for area residents. Call us today at (866) 836-4878 for a free evaluation of your personal injury claim.


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