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Information About Westerville, Ohio

Westerville, Ohio is a small town located just east of Cleveland in Franklin County, Ohio. It's a small suburban community on the outskirts of Cleveland. It is located between Elyria and Cleveland. It is in Franklin County, Ohio in Ohio and is one of the largest cities in the Cleveland Metro Area. It is also one of the largest cities in the State of Ohio and the largest town west of Cleveland. It's known for its excellent educational and business facilities. There are also several cultural events held every year. Learn more facts here.

Westerville was originally a farm village that was established by a group of settlers. It's a beautiful community that was later developed into a major manufacturing center. There are many businesses that are located here that have been established for over a century. There are numerous manufacturing plants and suppliers in Westerville and this helps to keep the economy strong. The population of Westerville was about 34,120 in the 2020 census. Westerville has an important industrial area, which has helped it prosper. The area is known for its agricultural products and the town is well known for its agricultural products. Read about Upper Arlington, Ohio - Great Place To Live here.

There are several schools that are located in Westerville, including the Cleveland Christian Academy and the Cleveland Board of Education. There are also private schools in Westerville as well. There is also a small airport located near the downtown area of Westerville. It's the headquarters for the Westerville Airport and provides a safe and secure transportation of the local residents. There is also a convention center in Westerville which is used for many functions that take place in Cleveland. The Westerville Convention Center is also known as the Summit County Fairgrounds.


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