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How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

If you were involved in a car accident, you might need to file a police report and dispute an accident fault with another driver or your insurance company. If you succeed in your dispute, you might get a fair settlement. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you don't risk that your claim is going to be denied. If you believe that you are unfairly and inaccurately blamed for what happened on the road, search for the website with experts and call the best lawyer immediately. This way, you are going to get help with disputing liability and get a fair resolution.

Who's at fault in a car accident?

Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident?

Settling who is an at-fault driver is not always the most important information regarding the accident case. In the situation of a no-fault car insurance state, it's irrelevant to decide on the fault for the accident. In that case, determining who is an at-fault person is not applicable for most car accident injury claims.

There are only some specific circumstances where the fault plays important role in an accident claim. The person who files this kind of accident claim has to meet a certain threshold with the injuries. Only then, they can step outside of a no-fault claim and create a liability against the at-fault driver of the vehicle. Otherwise, most cases are solved with an insurance adjuster.

If you were involved in a car accident and the other driver says that you are at fault, you might have nothing to worry about, unless you don't know what to do if someone sues you for a car accident. Remember that no-fault car insurance does not apply to car accidents in which a vehicle was damaged. If you are creating a claim about the damage to your car, a dispute about liability is going to be relevant. In the dispute, the fault has to be decided to determine whose insurer is going to pay for the mechanical costs of the crash.

How to Deal With Your Personal Injury Case

If you were involved in a car crash in one of the states that are at-fault states, you should contact a good legal expert immediately. Do it especially when an insurance adjuster denies your claim because they consider you at fault. You also have to report the accident to your insurance provider if you are in a dispute in which you are considered an at-fault driver.

In at-fault states, insurance companies might determine your fault in a car accident if you committed a traffic violation. They can also base it on the report or file issued by the police on the day of a car accident. If that is your case, you have to fight with them in court. You might also call the police and present your side of the story. Police reports can sometimes be amended, so if you don't agree with yours, search for the help of legal authorities and talk to the police.

You shouldn't expect that your crash claim is going to be resolved immediately. However, showing that you disagree with the statements of the insurer and police reports can push the case for further investigation. Thanks to this, you might even be able to prove that you are not at fault for the accident. In the case of car accidents showing your disagreement with a police report can help you further down the line, for example, when you have to face your insurance provider in the legal process and dispute fault.

Your insurance company has internal policies and statements regarding disputed fault investigation. In that situation, a driver who is considered at fault might need to contact and talk with an insurance provider. The law can be on your side if you know your rights after you were involved in a car crash. Make sure to not give any statement that can be used against you. Insurance companies often want to use driver's information against them, even if they are not at fault. A dispute fault can be used against you, especially if you don't have a legal expert on your side.

To avoid this kind of situation, before disputing with your insurance provider, seek a lawyer that can help you to prove that you are not at fault. While disputing liability, you have a lot to lose and win. This is why you should search for the details of the best attorneys in your area.

How to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident

You should start with proving that you are not an at-fault driver at the site of the car accident. If your injuries are not severe, be sure to get the names and contact information of witnesses.

Take photos of skid marks, debris, and any other relevant aspects of the scene. Check if you can get a law enforcement officer to see the scene and write a report.

If you were injured, search for medical attention. Don't give your insurance company anything to be suspicious of. Not sure who pays medical bills in a car accident? Read our other blogs to learn more.

Do you need a lawyer?

Do You Need a Lawyer to Face Your Insurance Company?

If you are a driver who was involved in an accident, you might need to prove that the accident wasn't your fault. Be sure to not give any information to your insurance provider before contacting a lawyer. All the details you give them could be used against you. That includes your insurance company as well as the company of the driver who states that an accident was your fault. You can contact attorneys via phone call, chat, or even e-mail. Seek the details on their website. Some of them work on a so-called contingency fee. That means you don't have to worry about upfront payments. Those attorneys work for free and you pay for the service only if they win your legal case.

Remember that you have to give your insurance information to the other driver, but you don't have to dispute the fault.

Giving a Statement

After being involved in accidents, most people are stressed or even traumatized. When you are not at your best, you might not be ready for taking a part in the investigation, especially when someone expects you to immediately prove that you are not at fault. If you were injured, that situation can even be more stressful.

You might need to face insurance companies, police, another driver, etc. When they want to say you are at fault for a car accident, you might feel even more confused. Disputing the fault at the scene of the accident can be very harsh and you might even share some information that you might want to correct later. According to the law, you don't have to prove you are not guilty at the scene of the accident. However, all the information can be used against you by an insurance company. This is why, before sharing any evidence with an insurance provider, reach for the phone and immediately contact one of the best attorneys in your area.

Remember that after a traffic collision, you have a bit of time to consult with your attorneys. However, you should do it as soon as possible, to make the local law work to your advantage.

Some of the things that an attorney can do for you are:

  • using contact information from witnesses of a traffic collision,

  • gathering evidence that can help you to break free from any charges,

  • take care of all related documents.

A legal expert could also help you with preparing your file and dealing with the local laws. They can also send an official letter or message to the local police and get the contact information for the people who might help you.

Don't Settle

If the car accident was caused by another driver and you were injured, you can be sure that your insurance company is going to do everything to make you settle, without even checking all evidence connected with the car accident. Your insurance company can even reach you and offer a very poor deal. They hope that you don't understand the severity of your personal injury and potential medical expenses that you are going to face. Medical treatment is not free, on the contrary, it might be very expensive, so be sure that your insurance company gives you as much as you need for your claim.

Ask an attorney who is an expert in traffic law and injury statements to have a look at the letter presented by your provider. If you sustained injuries by the other driver's negligence, you have a chance for higher coverage of medical expenses.

Remember that a legal professional can take your claim to court. With names and contact information to people who participated in the accident, as well as photographs of some evidence, such as skid marks, they can present a very strong statement.

Win Your Claims or Get a Better Settlement Deal with a Help of a Law Professional

An insurance company can do everything to make your personal injury claim not worth anything. There are cases that were not considered to the advantage of the victim, even though there was enough evidence, including skid marks and information about people who were at the scene.

Ask the law expert to help you to get justice and coverage for your injuries. You can get an outstanding law service. The only thing you have to do is search for a website that is related to car accident claims. On the site, you can get all the necessary information and contact the best attorney in your area.


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