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How Long Can I Keep My Rental Car After the Accident?

Updated: Jan 17

Getting a rental car after an accident can undoubtedly be a complicated, timeless challenge for victims and families. Whether the person's body needs physical therapy or needs to get to a doctor's appointment, using a rental car can make things a little easier. At Keating Firm LTD, a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer can assist with this complex process and make it a little smoother.

This article covers the basics regarding how long a person can keep a rental car after experiencing an accident.

When Can People Get a Rental Car?

When Can People Get a Rental Car?

When and how a person can get a rental car depends on which insurance company they are dealing with; plus, what terms are included in the policy. The Keating Firm LTD assists people who deal with these insurance businesses daily and can aid in obtaining the rental car they require.

Individuals who have rental coverage under their own insurance policy can get assistance from their insurance company representative. They may get a car within just a couple of days, if not in a few hours. The person can confirm by calling an insurance agent if they have bought rental coverage from their own insurance company. Generally, the driver's insurance company does not have the option to add rental coverage straight away after being in a wreck. That means the insurance company is not going to cover the recent comparable vehicle damage in the event of an accident.

If a person does not have rental coverage on their insurance company policy, the insurance company of the third party who caused the accident is responsible for approving the car rental. That insurance company can establish liability and research the crash to determine whether it authorizes an automobile to be rented to the victim. Usually, this process may take anywhere from a couple of days to a week, sometimes even longer in accidents where the insurance company disputes the insured driver's liabilities. This is a crucial time that the victim needs to note if insurance adjusters or third parties try unscrupulous acts to make the injured party accept a lower settlement.

What Documents Does a Person Need to Rent a Car?

If a person who was in an accident wants to rent a vehicle from a rental company, they are going to need a few things. These things are mentioned below and are essential if someone wants to rent a car successfully after an automobile incident.

The following section dives deeper into the essential requirements for people who want to rent a vehicle after or before a motor vehicle crash.

First off, the person needs proof of full coverage insurance, which means both collision and comprehensive. In most cases, a car insurance policy already confirms this by taking papers to the claim, proving that the coverage is adequate. The rental company can also offer the person this coverage type, but it is going to end up costing additional money out of their pocket. If the policy does cover this, there is no requirement to buy it from the rental company, but it is recommended.

Secondly, the individual needs to bring along a credit card or cash to rent the motor vehicle. Most rental car companies require either a cash deposit or a credit card to protect the automobile the individual hires during the rental period. If the automobile is returned in excellent condition, the renter returns the cash deposit, or the credit card is not charged. This all depends on what the hirer brings in as collateral and if their credit standing is on point.

One of the main things a person needs is a valid driver's license, as they are going to need to present it when picking up a rental car. Without a driver's license, a car rental company can deny hiring a vehicle to the person.

Lastly, most younger adults cannot rent a motor vehicle due to rental car company regulations. That means adults need to be at least 25 years or older to hire a rental car from any company in the United States of America. Still, it depends on the state.

It is an excellent practice to call the car rental company before picking up the car at a local office or airport. This is to make sure the person is eligible for car rental and meets all the car rental company and their insurance company requirements.

May People Choose the Type of Automobile They Want to Have?

The kind of motor car that is rented is determined by the other party paying the rental company. This is always the case unless special needs are involved, such as a van with a wheelchair ramp or other features that assist people with disabilities. In most cases, many insurance companies may approve a mid-size or compact rental automobile and cover rental cars for them.

How Long Can the Vehicle Be Kept from the Car Rental Company?

Overall, the rental reimbursement establishes how long the car can be kept. Generally, a person can keep the rental car for five days after receiving a settlement or longer if their case involves a totaled vehicle.

In most instances, the car rental can be kept until repairs are completed and the vehicle is returned to the owner. Of course, that only happens if the automobile is considered repairable and the car is covered by collision insurance.

People can protect themselves from a property damage claim that could disrupt their premium by confirming with their own insurance company. That is something most people want to avoid as it can cause unnecessary drama over a damaged car.

It's a good idea to contact the Keating Firm LTD for a free consultation, as it can provide victims with legal advice to seek reimbursement.

Can Other People Drive the Rental Car?

The answer to that question is a resounding no. First of all, it is better to drive the new vehicle that was rented than allow someone else to put the renter at risk. In most instances, the person who is renting the car for a few extra days has signed for it, and that means they are liable in the event of a rental vehicle car crash, whether they purchased rental coverage or not.

However, it must be noted that this topic needs to be discussed with the car rental company that has provided the replacement vehicle. If the car rental company or insurance company is unaware that someone else could be driving the rental car, the negligent driver's insurance company might not pay.

Suppose a person has their own car insurance policy; it usually covers any damages but might not cover everything concerning rental insurance. If a luxury car was rented, it is required for additional insurance to be purchased for the vehicle immediately as it can safeguard the driver from a rental accident and offers additional coverage.

Is the Insurance Company Required to Provide a Rental Car for the Victim?

Typically, the insurance company is not required to provide a rental car for the victim or any other parties involved in an accident. In most cases, these companies have options that include -but are not limited to- the following incidents mentioned below:

Incident Types

If the case is severe, the insurance company is expected to provide car rental in a car accident caused by its client. The negligent driver's insurance company is responsible for covering these expenses so that no cost to the victim is out of pocket.

Sometimes, the guilty party's car insurance can make the victim pay for rental car fees upfront and then reimburse them after the appropriate paperwork is provided. That can put an excessive financial strain on a person's budget as most rental cars can cost between $50 to $120 per day. Most of the time, car accident victims end up renting a car for a week or sometimes more, which can leave them with a car rental bill that is sky-high.

Finally, victims need to be aware of paying a loss per day amount to the negligent driver's insurance company, as this can be detrimental to a person's finances. It's important to note that an insurance company can try to rent a cheaper car, so victims must try to rent a car for the same amount as their current vehicle. However, many insurance agents reimburse people for the out-of-pocket expenses they have paid and not the rental car company's extras.

Additionally, when car accidents happen, each insurance company might manage rental car agreements differently. Victims must talk with the car rental agency and their insurance company representative before hiring an automobile on their own.

Do Insurance Companies Care About the Injured Party?

It's hard to say, but in most cases, even a person's own insurance company does not care about their car rental claim. That is why it is good to deal with a recommended law firm that can help hold the other driver accountable for total loss and make them pay the maximum amount in a reasonable time.

A law firm like the Keating Firm LTD can find a suitable repair facility or repair shop that many insurance agents cannot. The firm prides itself on an excellent attorney-client relationship with all its patrons. Additionally, the Keating Firm LTD can negotiate with the at-fault driver's insurance to cover the rental vehicle or get a reasonable offer to buy a new car.

A vehicle accident caused by some other driver can cost the person money and affect their daily life if they don't have insurance coverage. Unfortunately, that is the case with most companies where an individual's own insurance company does not settle a comparable vehicle incident with a rental car.

It's crucial to remember that a car rental claim could be a challenging case to handle in a court of law. The most common recommendation is to obtain rental car coverage to protect a person's car rentals with additional insurance.

A property damage claim can be filed with the same insurance if the rental vehicle has damaged another car, property, or other locations. The policy can pay the maximum amount within restricted time limits when a negligent driver's insurance company fails to pay rental costs or repair expenses. If an agreement cannot be made, the different parties may go to court for the accident.

Rental Insurance

There are a few advantages and disadvantages that rental insurance offers for the vehicle the victim is hiring. In most cases, it is good to remember that most rental companies use an insurance company that protects them from any incidents concerning the rental car in question.

Rental cars are a touchy subject when insurance pay gets in the way. It is crucial to be aware of the cost of the at-fault driver's insurance so that if an unfortunate incident occurs, the person knows how much to pay. That amount to pay can vary greatly, so contacting an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at the Keating Firm LTD can help to resolve these issues.

All lawyers at the company offer a free consultation to victims of car crashes, and they handle every case with 100% confidentially. That is what makes the Keating Firm LTD one of the best law firms in the United States.

Get a Rental Car Attorney

Get a Rental Car Attorney

Getting a rental car is easy, and paying for it is even easier. That doesn't mean the whole process is less complex! If someone was involved in an accident, renting a car from a reputable car rental company could be more challenging.

In some cases, the at-fault driver's insurance company or attorney could make it more challenging to access a vehicle when needed most. That is when a qualified and experienced attorney from the Keating Firm LTD can assist with a case of this nature.

Finding the right rental car attorney could be challenging, but the process becomes streamlined and secured with the Keating Firm LTD. Car accident victims may contact the firm today to find out how it can help with any personal injury or automobile accident claims.


The Keating Firm LTD is known for its outstanding work and excellent client-attorney relationship. If someone has been involved in a motor car accident and must deal with the at-fault driver's insurance company, it is best to call the company to assist with any rental car or personal injury issues.

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