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Hiring an Injury Lawyer? Questions To Ask

Filing an injury claim shouldn’t be taken lightly. The success of your case will significantly depend on your choice of an injury lawyer. In this post, The Keating Firm Ltd has outlined the questions you can ask to ensure that the lawyer you’re hiring is the best fit for your case. Learn more here.

Have You Handled Injury Claims Similar to Mine?

Even when dealing with a specialized injury lawyer, it is worth asking whether they have handled cases with similar circumstances with yours. The answer your lawyer gives will give you a clear picture of whether they are equipped with the right skills and expertise to resolve your case. You can take the question a step further by asking about the outcomes of the cases. See here for information about Mistakes To Avoid When Searching for a Personal Injury Lawyer.

How Much Time Will You Devote to My Case?

It makes sense to ask about the amount of time that the lawyer will give to your case. This way, you’ll know whether proper attention will be provided.

How Long Will My Claim Take to Be Resolved?

A professional lawyer might not give you an accurate timeframe for your case. However, based on the cases they have handled before, they can give you a general idea of how long the process might last. This way, you’ll not be pressured by a slow timeframe.


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