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Haunted Houses In Blendon Woods, Columbus, OH

A lot of people think about Blendon Woods, Ohio when they think about a haunted house or Halloween night. However, there is a lot more to this particular area than just the infamous 'killer clown'. The real story behind this town has more than just one creepy story behind it. I was able to discover that this haunted place was actually built during the 1800s as a hospital, and then turned into a haunted house in order to make a profit out of the people who would come down from the big city to visit this location. Learn information about Gahanna, OH.

When you decide to go to the Halloween event at the Blendon Woods, Columbus, OH haunted house, you are going to be able to choose between the different types of haunted houses. The biggest difference is the number of people who will be invited to participate. If you are just visiting the area and want to experience the fun that Halloween brings, then you will have your choice between just the general Halloween parties and you can even bring your family with you if you prefer. If you have never visited this particular area, then I recommend that you plan on taking some time out of your busy schedule to visit this location. There are many people who have enjoyed their time at this location. There are many haunted places to choose from such as the cemetery where the killer clown was found, or even the old prison that was built during the 1800s to accommodate those who were sick and wanted to leave the hospital. Discover facts about Africa, Ohio is One of the Best Communities to Live.

If you would like to have a more relaxing evening then you should visit the Blendon Woods, Ohio haunted house. You are going to be able to get your entire family in one room and enjoy all of the activities that you would expect. Many people have actually enjoyed their time at this location so much that they are thinking about coming back on Halloween. There are many reasons that you may be interested in visiting this location. No matter what type of Halloween party or haunted house you are interested in you are bound to find a great haunted house in Ohio.

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1 Comment

Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Aug 09, 2022

These are definitely nice houses. I would like to buy such a house. But it rains quite often in Ohio, so you need to install direct waterproofing. This is very important because waterproofing protects the house from moisture, protects the walls from destruction and continues the life of the house.

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