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Enjoy a Unique Theater Experience in Reynoldsburg

General Information About Reynoldsburg

Reynoldsburg is a suburb in Ohio. The suburb is shared between Fairfield and Franklin Counties. Reynoldsburg has a population of about 40,000 residents and covers an approximate area of 11.2 square miles. A majority of the people in this suburb are whites and African-Americans. The population is mainly made up of young professionals and families who tend to be liberal. Most of the people in this neighborhood live in rented houses. However, several homeowners also live within the neighborhood. Living in Reynoldsburg gives you a deep sense of the suburban lifestyle. The neighborhood is located near theaters making it ideal for lovers of movies and performing arts. Here are some popular theaters you might visit while in Reynoldsburg. Learn information Gahanna, OH .

Cinema City at MarketPlace Movie Tavern, LLC

Cinema City at MarketPlace Movie Tavern is one of the best theaters for family movie day outs. The theater shows a variety of movies from both local and international creators. The theater also hosts plays meant for both kids and adults. Discover facts aboutEngage in Adventurous Activities in Brice.

Marcus Pickerington Cinema

Marcus Pickerington Cinema offers a memorable theater experience. The cinema is fitted with comfortable seats and a high-quality display and sound system. The movie is located near restaurants so you can dine at your convenience.


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