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Columbus, OH is a Buzzing City

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Columbus, OH is A City with Great Performing Arts

Columbus, OH, has many aspiring and professional artists. The city is buzzing with people passionate about performing arts. Some many schools and establishments narrate the story of Columbus in terms of arts for you. Here are some of the best performing arts establishments to get yourself entertained by in Columbus. Visit this link for Gahanna, OH facts.

Ohio Theater

This is a premium performing arts establishment in Columbus, OH. It is known as the official theater for the state of Ohio. It was established in 1928, and after its restoration in 1969, it turned out to be a world-class facility. It is a celebrated theater with a Spanish –Baroque architecture giving it an elegant look. It plays host to several events and showings in the city. The facility also has outlets to get snacks and drinks. Discover facts about Columbus, OH is A Beautiful City for Visiting Parks.

Columbus Association for Performing Arts

The non-profit arts theater in Columbus, OH is a beautiful place for all lovers of performing arts. It has a great atmosphere, with plenty to be excited about in the facility. You can easily book for a show, guaranteeing that you will enjoy the top quality entertainment that they provide.


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