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Columbus, OH Has Great Nature Parks Selection

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Columbus, OH is Plentiful in Beautiful Nature Parks

Columbus, OH has allocated plenty of land for nature purposes. Some of these are created. However, they all serve the same purpose. These trails provide great spaces and trails for you to engage with nature. The nature parks are educational and are fun to attend with friends and family. These nature parks are usually open to various extracurricular activities. Learn more facts here.

Scioto Mile

Scioto Mile is an astonishing park that has grown to be amongst the favorites amongst Columbus locals. Be it be for biking purposes or strolling with the scenic Sciotto river, you can enjoy your time at this park. It sits on 145 acres hence has lots of space for you to enjoy with your family. For kids and a peaceful ambiance, it also has an interactive fountain that will make the kids have lots of fun and the most towering climbing wall, ensuring you and the family enjoy the day to the maximum. Read about Columbus, OH Has Sports Teams Involved in the Major Leagues here.

Whetstone Park

Being one of the oldest parks having existed for 60 years and counting, Whetstone Park also is known as Park of Roses due to the 350 different types of roses, the park has lots of trails for your walk or run and plenty of space to enjoy a few sports with your kids or play with your pets.


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