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Columbus, OH Has Golf Fields Like No Other

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Columbus residents love golfing with a vast number of golf fields, 14 in number, and the people of Columbus appreciate the sport from both high-end courses. For the entry-level golfers, all have a chance to experience golf. You will not feel misplaced if you are willing to start golfing while in the area. Click here for facts about Gahanna, OH.

Miniature Golf to Get Started

Columbus has miniature golf for beginners like Westerville Mini Golf with an 18-hole course, which is very affordable with a great ambiance amid the tropical foliage, water hazards, a cave, and waterfalls. This mini golf has won awards for the landscaping, showing how beautiful the place must be. Click here to read about Columbus, OH is a Historically Rich City,

Play in Professional Golf Courses

For the more professional courses and top competition, you will feel at home in Columbus and Champions Golf Course, just as the name suggests an excellent example. It has a unique ambiance with mature trees and a view of the hilly terrain. It has practice facilities, and the famous Champions Walkway for the golfing gurus make this the perfect golf outing location. As a golfer or a potential golfer, Columbus is an excellent place to visit or live in.


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