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7 Lawyer Types You Are Most Likely To Need

Updated: May 5, 2022

Law is a very broad industry because it aims to cover the interests of every kind of individual. There are countless industries that lawyers can be a part of and many different sections of the law that a lawyer can specialize in.

Starting out, lawyers will most likely experience all these different areas of law when they are working under a senior lawyer but later on, they will most likely specialize in a certain field of law. If you need to select a lawyer for your case, you need to understand exactly what area of the law this problem falls into and then select a lawyer who specializes in that area. Here are some of the main types of lawyers.

Lawyers you are most likely to need

1. Estate Planning Lawyer

These lawyers specialize in the law pertaining to property assets. The bulk of their work has to do with wills, probates, property rights, trusts, and various other matters that are related to property law. For instance, if you want a will delineating the distribution of your arrests made, then this is the lawyer who can help you out. They can assist as consultants to help you figure out the legal aspect of your property ownership, transfer, sale, or distribution, or they can represent you in court at any civil trial regarding your property. They are also a great source of information about taxes related to property.

2. Entertainment Lawyer

Actors, athletes, musicians, and other professionals that are related to the entertainment industry make use of entertainment lawyers. These lawyers can help in cases of copyright, intellectual property, licensing, royalty, and many other things that are specific to the entertainment industry. Many of these laws are region-specific, for instance, laws in Utah can be different from laws in New Jersey. When tackling a case in Utah your best bet would be to get a Utah Legal Team to handle the case as they will be experts in local law. However, it is also a challenge to find out where the hearing for a case will be. There might be an incident in New York but because the professional, or the company managing the entertainer, is based in another state, the case will be put to trial in that state.

3. Employment Lawyer

Employment lawyers work on the relationships between employers, employees, and unions. Within this category, there is often a differentiation between labor lawyers and employment lawyers. Labor lawyers focus on industries that don't have worker unions and where the individuals are representing themselves directly. Employment lawyers focus on workplace-related problems such as wage discrimination, worker rights, employment conditions, and other related problems.

4. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers provide representation for people who have been accused of some kind of crime. Within this category, there are a variety of different specializations for instance lawyers that help with financial crime, and domestic crime. Criminal lawyers may work as public defenders or private attorneys. This is a very common area of law simply because criminal cases are some of the most common cases in any court.

5. Constitutional Lawyer

Constitutional lawyers are only found in countries where the political structure involves a clear constitution, for instance, the US. These lawyers can represent individuals or they can even represent the government, and their focus is on cases that involve some question as to the violation of the constitution. As the constitution covers such a broad range of topics, these lawyers can be working on a lot of different things. Also, it is one of the few fields of law in which lawyers may have access to the Supreme Court.

6. Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers only deal with corporate clients and they represent their institutions and organizations in a court of law. Even outside of court, there is a lot of work for the corporate lawyer because a lot of business activities such as mergers, acquisitions, business dissolution, and other matters, require legal consultation in order to be done correctly. These lawyers help ensure that all these processes are done according to the legal standards.

7. Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers are specialized kind of financial lawyers who helps businesses and individuals file for bankruptcy or manage bankruptcy cases. For both individuals and businesses, the nature of the work remains the same, but the law and the way different legal processes are structured can change. In this kind of law, there is a lot of work to be done outside the courtroom and the lawyer also needs to know a lot about regional law since these regulations do vary from one area to another.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

These are some of the most common kinds of lawyers that people seek out, but there are many others that are either highly specialized subcategories of the above-mentioned types, or they are different types that only cater to a very small, niche, clientele. There are also many lawyers who cover a broad range, such as financial law, but also specialize in a niche area, such as bankruptcy law, within the same industry.


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