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4 Most Common Situations That Require Help From A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Most people never think that they may need a criminal defense attorney. However, you may find yourself in trouble for any reason, which is why you have to be prepared to call a lawyer to speak on your behalf. You’ll need their expertise to navigate the legal system and protect your rights. It’s important to have an attorney in certain legal situations. Here we have mentioned four common situations when you’ll need to seek help from a criminal defense lawyer.

1. If You Get Arrested

The minute a police officer puts handcuffs on your wrists, you need to think about calling a criminal defense lawyer who can advise you how to move forward. You need to know that any police investigator will play all the tricks in the book to make you confess to a crime or say something incriminating. That is why the first rule of your arrest is that they read you your rights. Exercise your right to remain silent until your attorney arrives. No matter how much they provoke you, it’s best to wait until you speak to your lawyer, who knows their way around the legal system. Even if you didn’t commit the crime you’ve been charged with, it’s wiser to let your attorney speak for you, or else you will end up saying the wrong things and get into more trouble.

2. If the Police Wants to Investigate you

If there is an ongoing investigation on a certain case, the police might take you in for questioning. Don’t let anyone convince you that you can speak freely and won’t need an attorney because you are not under arrest. You have to know your rights if you are detained by the police. You can still get into trouble if you say things that might incriminate you. It’s best to ask for an attorney or call your own, even in a simple investigation. Your lawyer will supervise the questioning and tell you when to answer. Bear in mind that the police can arrest you at any moment if they believe you were involved in a crime. You have the right to call an attorney if you are being questioned even if you think you are not guilty.

3. If You Want Your Charges Reduced

If you were already charged with a crime, hiring a criminal defense lawyer can help get your charges reduced. Their knowledge of the local prosecutors and the legal system, in addition to their experience dealing with similar cases, will give you better options in your case. If you were charged with a crime in Las Vegas, hire a criminal justice attorney in Las Vegas who can handle crimes from simple DUIs to more serious ones like drug crimes. They can help reduce your penalties and find loopholes that can get you exalted. Sometimes, police officers make mistakes during their arrest or investigations, which your lawyer can take advantage of and get your case dismissed. If they were able to get that done, you will avoid going to jail and you will not have a criminal record, which can affect your career. This way, you won’t suffer from any negative impacts that could jeopardize your future.

4. If They Offer You a Deal

If you don’t want your case to go to trial, your criminal defense lawyer can help you get a good plea deal. They can give you proper advice about your chances if you go to trial. Your lawyer will be experienced in the local courts and can tell whether or not it’s better to make a deal. The prosecutor can offer you a plea deal, which you shouldn’t accept right away. Make sure you consult your lawyer to see if they can get you a better one. At the same time, your lawyer will tell you what is appropriate to say in the investigation and oversee the whole process to ensure that the terms of the deal are met.

In any case, make sure to seek legal counsel as early as possible. They will be able to protect your rights and negotiate on your behalf, which increases your chances of getting out of this situation. Make sure to hire an experienced lawyer who will do everything in their power to protect your future. While it can be expensive to hire a reputable lawyer, spending that extra cash will be worth it as it will save you from going to prison. An attorney can help you maintain your professional license and keep your job. Think about how much time and money you would lose if you end up in jail. This is why it is always prudent to hire a criminal defense lawyer when you get into legal trouble.


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